PiNDa Ajax Win was tough but fair...
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Japan played very well the second half. I would say this is an golden era for them with the likes of Honda, Nagatomo and Kagawa. Their second goal reminded me o...
Columbia is a City. Not a state. Small difference lol
Horrible defending. I was expecting more of our fellow Belgian neighbors.. Colombia played well though I still think we'll end on top next Tuesday.
PiNDa just Watched
Ajax Vs. Celtic
We were superior!
PiNDa nominated L. Schöne (51') for Goal of the Week
PiNDa just Watched
Ajax Vs. Celtic
Hahahaha! Lauged my ass off. Pathetic loser. I hope he doesnt represent the majority of the Arsenal fans cuz that wouldve been horrible. Right.. All those play...
6 months ago
Amazing victory. We shoulve scored more Goals though. The first goal of Lens wasnt offside. Clearly...
The defeat was Not really surprising.. Moyes is simply not capable to fill even half the gap Fergie has left behind..
7 months ago
Looking forward to the Clasicos... Barca will tear them at will =)
8 months ago
Mignolet got lucky. the penalty was a bad miss and I think Begovich simply was the man of the match. Save after save after save...
"307 Madrid fans hated this Video"
An easy win for a strong Bayern side. However Wolfsburg is not the kind of opposition ur looking for. I think they wont manage it against Barca. The lack of qua...
1 year ago
What a match. a Fair scoreline, top players and a fantastic ambiance... Not to mention this was only a friendly. Cant wait till WC 2014!
What a lame excuse of a referee... He should be banned for life! Clarence you Rock!
@Dany10 Lol. So ur one of those who like to agree and follow blindly? - Im supporting Barca. But whenever I saw Madrid struggle the one and only player they cou...
Loved to see Corinthians win! i'd love to see any "Team" win against this "Club" That introduced Anti-Football.
Somewhere on FootyTube
Jack is an amazing youngster. He has great talent. Too bad he chose to stay loyal to a club who hasnt won prices in decades which is not likely to change anytim...
Lol,, the definition of football is simple. Scoring more goals than ur opponents. City did a great job on that one and has with the likes of Toure, Kompany an...
2 years ago
You probably mean Didn't...
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