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100m plus Isco and Bale and I will consider it but seriously it would be stupid for us to sell anyone right now we should be adding quality in January
2 weeks ago
I consider myself agnostic but honestly Atheists are as dogmatic as religious zealots religion's creats division without religion people would still find divis...
@Naija that's an incredibly ignorant comment since you probably know about Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta work in Nigeria Lastly France is n...
Sif dropped is an understatement I don't even know where you got that he was sulking or his bad attitude from considering he wasn't even on the bench or made a...
I think it meant as those players who don't want to play for him and judging by Mourinho selection it's most likely Hazard Cesc and Matic Either way Mourinho ...
3 weeks ago
I still don't know how fking Liverpool scored 3 goals at the bridge. This s**t Liverpool team that scored 9 goals in 10 matches struggles against Rubin to creat...
That's like sticking Antonio Valencia to the right, although he is randomly good on free kicks this year you can have Willian for the 30M we paid for him
It would have been a soft penalty if Chelsea lost the match on a penalty like that would you feel the same?
Good match by Pedro we played better overall harsh results but it looks like our attacking mids are playing much better
We are much better with Ramires and Matic I honestly won't care if cesc doesn't start another game for us
Meh i prefer a lenient referee I perfer for a match to end XI v XI I prefer for the match to be decided by players not a referee There shouldn't been any sendi...
Do we really need referees help and for teams to go down a man or penalties to win a match? Why can't we score from something other than own goal or set piec...
Under normal circumstances that article makes excellent points but It's very convenient how it ignores all of Mourinho antics damaging the reputation of the clu...
1 month ago
Point #3 Makes sense because this was one of your better matches specially the 1st half. Actually the last two league games Liverpool looked impressive so I rea...
I understand the part about Baba not being ready but playing a guy because of size just to defend on corners while that same player is getting torched in open p...
It will be great to have Klopp in the league someone to take all the attention and fines away from Mourinho , I'm sure FA will love him. I don't know why would...
I don't care what some jealous Arsenal or Liverpool fans think about Chelsea "buying trophies". Him calling Arsene a voyeur or specialist in failure is one thi...
I hope we don't sell anyone else give Jose until the end of the year to get it right, go with Real Madrid way and build the club not a manager add the best pla...
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