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2 years ago
Henry bro-ing in his beard
Greaaaat Gamme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Gomez gettin me big money dreamfooty points
Man U doesn't have an 1/8 of the talent as the boys of barcelona. Looking forward to congradulating the next CL champs!!!!!
SunnyD is a cool name......;)
Tot el camp és un clam som la gent blaugrana Tant se val d'on venim si del sud o del nord ara estem d'acord, ara estem d'acord, una bandera ens agermana...
Sooo close to taking the league cup
Considerable more goals since Torres left, best thing to happen to liverpool this season
I told you, what did i tell you? Didn't i tell you? cause i told you mmmmhhhmmmm And when did i tell you? A long time ago, And what did i say would happen whe...
What did i tell you? i told you what i tell you and what did i tell you when i told you what i was sayin? EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED Liverpool: 3 Newcastle Unite...
Great goal by my dutch brotha kuyt, there was no defense at all, the keepers sucked
Dragon ball z
The second person every to comment on this page, no big deal...not
Andy Carroll will make them dread the sell
Congratz Torres, the ice has been broken!
U are a genius, thats a great idea
Awww yeaa liverpool yeaa
So im reallllly hoping Tottenham just chokes themselves to death, Liverpool has really turned around since early season and i want to be in the champions league...
You mean how french players play?
3 years ago
NO the new french kits are the best yet. Both the home and the aways look great. Very Classy
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