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Luis Suarez riling everyone up.
People banning Suarez for riling everyone up.
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Pretty much live for Suarez riling everyone up.
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This is iPod worthy.
11 months ago
Missed the game for mysterious purposes. From what I saw in the highlights though, someone for the love of all that is mighty reference Sturridge to a decent op...
It would get into Oprah's book club no doubt hahaha every page from the first letter going straight down should be a players name: Good nonsense is key to clari...
You can have ol' Pesky's word on how amazingly soft those pillows can be since I don't hang around any "loose" goose.
Let them have there fancy musical chairs and expensive drinks, nice cars, big houses, money bathes, golden eggs from Willy Wonka, pool yachts, personal sterling...
Really off topic but... Could you imagine the horse like child that Ronaldinho and Sarah Jessica Parker would have? It could be like a reverse Centaur thing and...
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12 months ago
^^^ Nicest guy on the internet. Ever.
I actually saw this joke first on the History Channel ;)
MMMMM these bad words I said about Sturridge I'm eating...So delicious.
I just love seeing Liverpool regroup under pressure and really striving for the win. Glen Johnson's composure reeked of class at times, especially on his strike...
Why can't that be as clear as day to everyone.
I miss watching this guy.
He's getting close.
Still waiting for Abramovic to get mad at a mistake he makes and sack himself.
Clearly an attempt of strangulation
Somewhere on FootyTube
Haha, number 7
You said "soccerball players." Not now, not eva.
Can we all take a moment to say how scary Cisse looks with that beard?
His arms were out stopping a shot heading towards the goal. That's a handball stopping a goal scoring opportunity. It was the right call all bias put aside.
2 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
Lately, every time he plays he seems to be getting better. Just because it doesn't happen does't mean it wont. I for one miss El Nino on Liverpool. Give him bac...
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