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Still 23, but now a full-time worker. Still looking to get into sports journalism, and still dreaming to become the most successful foreign journalist in South Korea.
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He gave his two points - the first point was for his hopes for his career to move forward, the second, where his career actually went.
5 years ago
It must have been un-bear-able.
Jose could barely handle the thought of not reaching the final, he needed something, anything, to comfort him.
6 years ago
"Ladies and gentleman, my ego has finally gained a physical presence and I can now hold it to stay longer in the air. Now I can allow you to kiss the ground I w...
Sometimes post-match doping tests are random, and sometimes you get a feeling to choose someone in particular.
You know when people say life is the pits? He wishes his life was that good right now.
Yes he might be playing for Brazil. Yes he might have saved the ball this time. But when you play for QPR looking for the ball in the net is a habit.
"Wow, with the Arsene Wenger blinkers on, I really can't see any incident happening."
The realisation you placed Ba on the subs bench, and Torres up front on the team sheet. Priceless.
The Asian guy got the number of people sent off exactly it racist to say that?
It was going to be a struggle for getting enough change to get the bus home from this crowd.
Unable to scream and celebrate with any fans, the Australians opted for the next best thing.
The new Gilette Venus commercial had the biggest bunch of girls yet.
It seems like not a controversy goes by recently, without Terry being in the centre of it.
No matter how many times Jose hears it, the "I can control Balotelli" joke never gets old to him.
Call me a realist, but if somebody says that's how low they can go in limbo, then they have to prove it.
AVB: It's great to meet you, I am one of your biggest fans. BM: Sorry mate, you're thinking of Matt Lucas.
All these people are off to help Africa.......but what about me?
Ooof, the celebration goes horribly wrong when Van Persie accidentally jumps on some invisible railings.
Shortly after, Kagawa and Buttner were disqualified from the longest index finger competition.
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