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Woooo in the 600's!!!! way to go ;)
6 years ago
Thanks fer the add 2Koo votes for ya
These guys are so traumatized by Barca they can't even play against teams with similar jerseys.
Mourinho's a great coach and all but his attitude is really getting the best of the team, they know they're sick players but they're resentful they're second be...
Awesome video, as usual. Feels like a part 1, leaves you wanting more. Keep up the great work, your compilations are greatly appreciated around the globe!
Great seeing Ronaldinho back on the squad and Hulk and Marcelo too, now for Kaka!
Man, that would've been a whole different game wouldn't it.
Well if comes back online, or starts working, you can watch brazilian football games streamed live.
And people wondered why Italy, England and France failed to shine last cup. It all comes down to cultivating a great home crop. Barca and Madrid spend a lot for...
He's just so damn expensive though, what can you do right...
Honestly, Spn1824, why so much hate on Barca, true Cryuff helped build Barca, but in case you never noticed, Barca's been a big deal for a lot longer than Messi...
I was routing for Uruguay, but NZ really held them out hard and gave a great fight, interesting to see the fate of both teams from this group. Marinovic is an i...
Argentina's squad is individually brilliant, I think they're just used to so much success at the club level that they take their national team games for granted...
Oh and by the way, Argentina's last Copa America win was in 1993 and they haven't made it into the semi's at a World Cup since 1990. I happen to like Argentina,...
Man what's this guy's problem with Uruguay eh? They beat Paraguay, who didn't let Brazil concede a goal on them, 3-0, and they gave Argentina a run for their mo...
Did you follow the last world cup? If you missed it you should take a look at the results and see what they spell out about USA and Mexico before making your pr...
To Danmx You must've only watched the highlights of Uruguay's matches. Forlan is no doubt a serious integral part of the squad, but if you've watched the match...
I think Brazil played a better game than Argentina did, aside from the obvious penalty shoot-out debacle and taking off of Neymar, Robinho and Ganso, they playe...
Wrong game, this is the U-17 final between Mexico and Uruguay.
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