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Well welcome beck everybody lol There was a little problem with the site,everything fixed now. So it was a hard fought win yesterday, Bale and Lucas doing thei...
7 hours ago
Starting XI: Navas, Danilo,Varane,Ramos,Nacho, Modric,Casemiro,James, Lucas,Mayoral,Bale Talk about risking it.
Just realized we don't have any strikers available for Sociedad tomorrow lol. Either we call up Mayoral or we play some hybrid formation without a real striker....
2 days ago
Like I said before,with them fit for around 80% of the matches,I'm pretty sure we would have a much different situation in the league right now.
3 days ago
Home pitch,home advantage,do whatever you want with it as long as it's not breaking any regulations. Barca/Bayer will water the field before the games to help t...
Those 3 make such a difference. With them fit,we almost always win,convincingly. But the getting them all 3 fit seems like an impossible mission. Mostly it's Ro...
4 days ago
I hope that Pepe chance doesn't come back to hunt us,still can't believed that wasn't a goal.
MSN, a lot of people already pretend Chelsea won it in 2009,if you know what I mean :P
5 days ago
No penetration,Benzema has been useless and Bale is just truing to run around people. Lucas has actually been the best out of 3. City is crowding our midfield...
Glad for Lucas,but we just lost our fear factor. Without Ronaldo our attack is just not the same. Another big stage for Bale,thees are his chances to cement his...
Wow,i don't know why,but my phone bugged again,showed me some old lineup. And no Ronaldo at all,wow,what a loss. Also why is Varane on the bench?
We have a bad tradition of messing up bad in the first leg of semis and then trying to make an epic comeback back in Bernabeu. Stay focused!
After watching Daredevil,you just can't bring yourself to even look at Arrow or Flash ever again lol This is probably the only mature superhero series/movie ou...
6 days ago
Yeah, this is a common stat for Ronaldo, nothing new. If Suarez got the Ballon D'dor I doubt many would protest. He's been your best player and is having his be...
There is a reason why I gave stats only from the second part of the season. Under Benitez everything and everybody was struggling, including Ronaldo, especially...
The whole point of this argument is for it to die out once and for all Franky. It has not support and it's been toasted around whenever it was needed for the ot...
1 week ago
Mar123 I want Madrid to win titles and that is the main cause.I became a Madrid fan trough Raul,but even when he left I stayed just as passionate for Madrid as...
SA, just some stats for you,starting from the second part of the season: vs Bilbao: 2 goals 1 assist,MOTM award for Ronaldo vs Roma: 1 goal vs Celat Vigo: 4 go...
No more Uefalona, from now on it's Penalona! :P
Wow,so much. I remember how much ridicule we received for getting a lot of penalties last season,yet I doubt we were on this number. But in the end,never forget...
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