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Enough with the penis jokes please,it's getting really annoying and inappropriate.
3 hours ago
They were all trying so hard to provoke Ramos and get him sent off. Mandzukic is just as bad as Diego Costa,but Raul Garcia...oh boy,he's even past their level....
He's a player for a midtable team,he would be a nice addition to Rayo or Getafe for example. He's going to get massive pressure at Liverpool,especially after th...
1 day ago
Well the CL anthem could as well be the official Real Madrid anthem :)
Sadly not compared to our other players,just average in general. You could put any other midfielder from any other first league team in his role,and he would be...
He's very average mate,in every department. I could go into details,but avarage is the best word to describe him. We would sell him to you guys very gladly! :P
I actually think that whoever wins the possession battle will win the tie. It would mean a huge shift in philosophy,something both teams are not used to do,ever...
2 days ago
Looking at recent history,wouldn't we be lucky if we got a team that we trashed 5-0 in last years semis? :) After Atletico,everything seems easier to be fair...
Nice,respect for the rivals all the way.
So Juve it is! And don't you dare underestimate the Old Lady,no team has gotten into the semis by accident. Expect a very tough opponent,they can beat us alrigh...
So Chicharito had 3 great games in a row...what now Carlo? When Benz comes back,I'll be furious is he forgets about Chicha again. They are very different player...
3 days ago
I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from our shoulders. We finally beat our nemesis, from the very last try :) I don't really care who we get next,only t...
Nah man,i dont drink at all, but im super happy :D
I'm sorry for my frenchs,but f**k off Atletico Madrid!
Oh man,again the same pattern : - dominate possession - Atletico pose no attacking threat - miss the chances we manage to create - and we know the conclusion,I...
Why would you do this to me now DaGaza? You bastard... :')
Starting XI: Casillas, Carvajal,Varnane,Ramos,Coentrao, Isco,Kroos,Pepe,James, Chicharito,Ronaldo Oh boy,Pepe in midfield. This has not worked in the past,but...
It's a usual measure after somebody was put on status. I'll get you off now,but no more outbursts dude,I doubt I could help you if that happens again. Since we ...
4 days ago
Hey man, am I going to be on 'tag' forever?
So here's the deal: We've played against Atleti 6 times this season,and didn't manage to get a single win against them. Tomorrow will be our last match of the...
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