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Goals: Ramos>>>>>>>>>Varane Defens: Varane>>>>>>>>>Ramos
12 hours ago
Shame about the goal,he made the foul first and then Suarez got in front of him for the goal :(
It will always be a love-hate relationship with Ramos lol He's the best in clutch,no doubt.
^ 3-1 under Carlo. That match should have ended a lot worst for you...
Wow wow wow...hold it there DaGaza!This was all LUCK! Never forget that,it was all luck! loooool It was a bad Clasico,not the best for sure. We were the better...
Lol, sorry but thats bs
13 hours ago
We've been doing what you guys have in recent times...grinding out wins when you play s**t lol Btw that's not an insult,that's how you win titles. Madrid is no...
15 hours ago
Lol yeah,my mistake...
Starting XI: Navas, Carvajal,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo, Modric,Kovacic,Isco, Lucas,Benzema,Bale could be all sorts of formation,depends on where will Isco and Luca...
16 hours ago
Really bright future for us. Mariano was the stand out for me,he's ready for first team action. I would give him a chance in Madrid already,but it's probably mo...
3 days ago
We should attack their midfield,witch is in very bad shape right now. I would say play 4 in midfield,outnumbering their already shaky 3 man midfield.
4 days ago
"Oceans" jersey (great cause) was so soaked through that it had become increasingly transparent, making the Real Madrid players uncomfortable because they were ...
6 days ago
One positive thing thou...this season we are grinding out results even when we play bad. That has not happen in a long time in La Liga.
1 week ago
Defensively we've been terrible. Ronaldo will have to bail us out of this one, he's on fire.
Wtf is up with you Barca people? For once I'm on your side and still it's no good for you! Just relax...i would say good luck,but i know you won't need it,since...
I don't want to jinx it,but I'm 110% sure you will walk away with all 3 points from Anoeta!
Bale out for minimum 2 months...same old,same old...
Terrible! We almost lost points to a 10 man team...Kovacic and Varane had a nice game,Benzema too when he got on...the rest of them were all disappointing. Stil...
Starting XI: Navas, Carvajal,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo, Lucas,Kovacic,Modric,Isco, Bale,Ronaldo
This was probably the first time Isco got to play in his natural position,as a CAM. In defense he dropped deeper,but when attacking he was right behind Bale and...
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