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And Benzema is out for 3 weeks... We just got Bale and Danilo back,and right away we lost Carvajal,Benzema,Ramos and James re injured himself.
6 hours ago
Out for 3 weeks,Dainlo is ready to go thou.
This is not good,a light jab from Ramos back to Rafa: Also,Ramos is injured...
3 days ago
Carvajal is out for 3 weeks,just like James. Every time we get some players back from injure,another one gets injured. I hope Danilo is ready to go after intern...
4 days ago
To think we could have given him to United plus money. Is it going to far by saying he's the best keeper in the world so far this season? Haven't watched man...
Spot on DaGaza,I forgot about Kroos,he's in the same situation as those two.
You have a point Pedmar,but saying that he hasn't been given the right role is not an excuses,it's a fact. Ronaldo is not the only one affected by this problem...
He was too slow to make a foul. Before he was to slow to catch up with attacker,now he's even too slow to foul them.
Actually,since bale and James got injured,Ronaldo has been limited to play as a striker for moist p[art of the game. I still like it much more when he comes rac...
Navas,Varane and Casemiro were amazing today. I would add Carvajal to that list as well,even thou he played only one half. Ramos was terrible,Ronaldo was reall...
He has been ever since ha arrived. He had a challenger in Illarramendi,but even he was no match for Arbeloa. He costed us countless matches,and this is just ano...
What the hell happens with Ramos whenever we play against Atletico? Thank god we have Navas to bail his ass out. Good half but we could still play much better....
5 days ago
Starting XI: Navas, Carvajal,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo, Modric,Kroos,Casemiro, Isco,Benzema,Ronaldo I support the decision to play Casemiro against Atleti so much,...
Oh man,James will be out for another 3 weeks!
Sorry, I meant Malaga.
We had 31 shots against Espanyol and didn't score any goals lol. Matches like this are just not meant to go your way.
6 days ago
I just hope we don'tend up having 70% of possession,15 shots at goal and end up loosing 1-0. That's been an average derby this past few years,with only a few ga...
A real shame,especially for James. Bit we have perfect players to replace them with. Also a big boost is having Bale and Ramos ready for tomorrow.
So what,Ramos was not near Naymar when he dived,he didn't even play in that game,he has nothing to do with him looking for a contact and then falling. I laugh...
1 week ago
Because Ramos is so relevant to Neymar diving lol
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