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Marcelo clearly dived,a shameful act from him. I expected better from one of my favorite players.
45 minutes ago
Isco was amazing today,we saw a Di Maria role from him tonight. Also Illarra was solid as well. I like this formation with Ronaldo and Bale playing forward with...
48 minutes ago
Both penalties were a joke.
1 hour ago
I would pass on Van Persie,don't see anything positive for us in that move.
3 hours ago
Starting XI: NAVAS,Carvaja,Ramos,Varane,Marcelo,Kroos,Illarra,Isco, Ronaldo,James,Bale Navas finally! Also Isco and Illarra getting to start in a very interes...
If Messi doesn't do anything insane in the next 2 months,Ronaldo is a clear winner. Ronaldo was injured even longer than Messi,people tend to forget that. I mea...
7 hours ago
Yes they are,Im not denying that at all. Just reminding that's it's to early to come to conclusions yet.
1 day ago
Reminds me of the last season. We started badly and Barca won the first 8 games in a row. It's a long season,we'll see how will it pan out.
Well shooting is a little weird on PC too this year. All shot look slow and mostly go right into the keeper. But i guess they change the mechanics so it will ta...
2 days ago
Benzema has already basically been playing as a CAM,so this formation could work perfectly. Like RealFan said,James can do the same and more. Just let Ronaldo...
Atletico have no creativity in attack at all this year, They still have the best defense just like last year,but in attack they are massively weaker that the la...
Atleti played 2-2 with Celta at Calderon. And both goals they scored were from headers after set pieces. The scores were,of course, Godin and Miranda,their CB.
3 days ago
Cjayzz He scored 3 goals in his last 23 matches.
Well i did watch closely and i didn't see any change in play when Illarra came in. We were still under pressure,and Deportivo was attacking,looking very motivat...
Actually we were struggling until Bale scored the forth goal. After that they were done. I didnt see much from Illarra today,defensively nor offensively. I thin...
Oh,well he has his opinion and I have mine. All I'm going to say is that the link up play has never been smother since the minute Benzema was subbed. But even m...
Excuse me?
Isco is magic! This guy is something else,he came in and took the game right away. Great movement and 2 assists to his name. Ronaldo,James,Kroos and Bale were p...
Starting XI: Casillas,Arbeloa,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo,James,Kroos,Modric, Ronaldo,Beznema,Bale
This doesn't have to be a negative change if done right. I see the merging of Real Madrid C and Castilla very logical. I mean,when was the last time anybody fro...
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