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At the time when I posted I was just ending the first half,so i gave my short opinion on it. From what i saw the ball was mostly on their half,either Madrid was...
23 hours ago
So then whats the point of your first post? What was so funny then? I said we had possession in the first half and some half chances and somehow you linked that...
Maaza I was describing the first half of the game,I didn't say we were better because we had more possession. Again you see the world possession and understand...
Acording to your logic,just because Keita had a problem with Pepe 3 years ago he can feel free to react in witch ever way he likes. We dont even know what reall...
So Marcelo should feel free to spit on Busquets? Lol had to come back for this.
I'm just watching the game,and in the first half Roma absolutely couldn't do anything. Madrid keep possession and were always around their box,with a couple of ...
Yep it was all Pepe's fault,poor Keita had nothing to do with this. Damn Pepe is a monster. And I never said he changed or that he's a nice guy. I never defe...
If there was spitting,it was from both side. Look at Pepe at the end pointing at the spit on his shirt.
There was no spitting. Pepe is the bad guy in most of the situations he gets in,but not this time.
Apparently Keita refused to shake his hand and after Pepe protested he threw a water bottle at him.
So we lost against Roma. Didn't watch the game,but looking at the stats and highlight's we dominated the game,but Roma scored their goal frrom their one and onl...
Meh,I know i would pass on it for the white shirt every time. I guess it is popular with the ladies,but still not my thing. Hope the players get away with leas...
2 days ago
So Carlo confirmed this will be the starting Xi for our next friendly tomorrow against Roma: 1 Casillas; 3 Pepe; 4 Ramos; 5 Coentrão; 11 Bale; 14 Xabi Alonso;...
Hmmm, then I hope James will be fighting for his spot. Benzema with no competition is the most dangerous thing for us. We all remember how he ended last season ...
4 days ago
We provably wont see Pepe as much this year,everything is set for healthy Varane to take over his position this season. Suarez will have to target Ramos then,he...
Oh man,BAAAAALE! For a second I tough it was Ronaldo!
Nah,made him look too crazy lol.
5 days ago
About 3H and 10 minutes from now. Don't know the UK time,but by the Spanish it starts at 00:10h.
And Pepe is back to his original intimidating bald look
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1 week ago
We finally got an inside man! Lol just kidding,it must be an amazing and weird feeling to know somebody who actually plays for Madrid.
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