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1 day ago
We finally got an inside man! Lol just kidding,it must be an amazing and weird feeling to know somebody who actually plays for Madrid.
Actually in the last 10 years we have a net spending amount of 609m euros not pounds,while Barca has a net of 430m( plus 30m Neymar) euros. And keep in mind,th...
Pejvl updated their profile
2 days ago
Https:// Well that's a fun first day lol.
That's true Malik. Bit looking looking at the situation right now,Only 2 out of those young 11 players have a realistic cause to leave.
Lol That is complete rubbish lol. You think everybody in Madrid is retarded to spend without cover? lol. When I said profit,I wanted to say revenue,it was my mi...
You're comment is far from trolling,it's you're opinion,and you have a good position to think like that. But I will disagree,cause in the last few years Madri...
Financial fair player doesn't work like that,we don't have to sell anybody. The thing is Di maria want's more money,and Madrid don't want to give it to him. He ...
Out of all this players I can only see Illara being sold. Other than him,Maybe Isco if he doesn't get enough playing time. Navas will be a first choice is he ...
Ladys and gentleman,I give you the future: -----------------------Navas---------------------- -------------------(27 years old)--------------- Carvajal------...
Unlike other clubs,Madrid uses the money they have to make the club better,spending on best players,best coaches,training facilities, stadium...elsewhere,you'll...
At the time it was a debate: keep Robben or bring Ronaldo and sell Robben. And back then I was still a huge fan of Robben. I was never so glad to be wrong like ...
It's official now. When we bough Ronaldo I tough it was a mistake. When we got B...
Remember what Perez said when it was clear Morata was going to be sold: " we will be looking for a young promising striker to replace Morata." Well here he is,...
3 days ago
Oh I so hope Ronaldo will see this and remember it when Clasico comes. Althou I would prefere the legendary calma celebration...
4 days ago
Exactly,all rumors. But still,it gets me nervous just hearing about that possibility. Isco has a lot to offer,I think him and Jese have the potential to be one ...
5 days ago
Both good deals for us. Casemiro will get a chance to shine,witch I'm sure he will. On the other hand,I don't know how will Morata do,he has an even tougher com...
I think there is almost no chance of him leaving. His is willing to do everything to succeed in this club,last season he switches positions and even became a go...
6 days ago
Best of Madrid's 2013/14 skills: My God,Isco!
1 week ago
Welcome to your new home Toni! Can't wait to see how he fits into our team. And also i can't believe he's only 24. He's so good that everybody usually presume h...
There will be a striker coming in too. But I've been thinking,can James actually be the "striker" we are getting? Benzema plays a little behind Ronadlo and Bale...
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