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Carlo has brought so much good into our team,and Perez selling and bringing players at his own will didn't make his job any easier. I saw our team play some of ...
20 hours ago
Carlo said that he wants to continue at Madrid,but the decisions is not his to make in the end. After the press conference he got something of a farewell applau...
Madrid will always be about attacking,playing attractive and scoring a lot of goals. I know we will probably never be defensive experts,but come on,keep the num...
2 days ago
Yeah Jeroen, Nole really is a perfect mixture of serious and silly,he has a good timing for things like that. Also it's fun to watch his emotions go wild during...
Oh and I almost forgot. As much as i like him,Kroos is a huge liability in midfield when it comes to defense. Out off all our midfielders is his without a doubt...
So in the last 6 season,we scored over 100 goals in all of them,and we scored the most goals out of all teams in 5 out of those 6 season. We are the best attack...
Well Ronaldo has won everything,I think the proper analogy for Kournikova is Balloteli. Nobody would even know about him if it wasn't for his childish stunts lo...
What,me? I don't know what you're talking about :P I'm certainly biased,but he's results speak for themselves,especially in the the last 3 to 4 years.
Who's Djokovic then? :) If he continues like this,he has a chance of overtaking even Federer as the best ever. He pretty much already got ahead of Rafa in ever...
3 days ago
Oh God,please not Benitez. Is this a joke? lol I actually hope Carlo will stay,I don;t see a better option then him for us. He just needs to fix a few things r...
Danny didn't post the exact time,but here's the proof,pretty fast if you ask me. Not to mention that this wasn't a straight forward 100 meter race with a proper...
4 days ago
There has always been bias in Madrid and Barca papers,they both prefer to glorify their "own" teams. But Barca winning the league was really not a surprise at t...
You do know that Basketball is right after football in terms of popularity in Spain? Winning the Euroleague is like winning the CL in football,it's a huge deal....
5 days ago
We all know Ronaldo enjoys breaking records,but I don't think it will happen,I'm not even sure he'll play in the last match. If he was smarter and didn;t get th...
This are just stats,but in the end they matter the most for attacking players. Lets compare Hazard(player of the year in EPL),to Bale(flop of the year in La Lig...
There were a couple of occasions here I couldn't believe how fast he was Danny. I actually think that moving him to the strikers position is Carlos adaptation f...
Today, Ronaldo did everything people blamed him of not doing. He was going at defenders and beating them all night long. He was so fast also,maybe even faster t...
Congratulations from me as well,I don't have anything else to add,DaGaza pretty much said it all. It was a good season of La Liga,exciting almost to the very en...
Varane was amazing today,but Ronaldo...he was Ronaldo,he's my MOTM.
You just won the title and Ronaldo's celebrations is overshadowing that lol. Also,congrats on the title,well deserved :)
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