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Ok,I think we know who wanted this deal to fail: LMAO,I have to say...
3 hours ago
Keylor's father recalled how he felt when the Bernabéu stood to applaud his son on Saturday: "Seeing so many people chanting my son's name sent shivers down my...
4 hours ago
This is a matter in witch our board and the fans have a completely different view. Perez wanted DDG only because he would fit into his Galactico policy. On th...
6 hours ago
Simeone basically justified every single controversial decision that goes agains Atletico this season. When a situation like that appears,he'll just say: what d...
This DeGea mess... This is probably a time when Madrid and United fans hate each other the most.I know we're all frustrated and believe the other side is the o...
7 hours ago
Hope you don't mind Count, I edited your post and placed the official translation for the statement. This whole situation is a mess,both sides had their part ...
8 hours ago
Well I don't know about you guys,but I'm happy Navas is staying and that we didn't splash on DeGea lol. This was a very unprofessional deal from United,the who...
14 hours ago
There are numerous reports that DeGea's papers weren't delivered in time before the transfer window closed! There is still hope for Navas!
If the rumors are true,and we're getting DDG for 40m + Navas...Perez has lost it completely...
Yep,against Atletico. From that moment on,he's just been scoring screamers,it's amazing to watch his show!
2 days ago
Really unfair to Carvajal. Not only did he fight to earn his spot,but he's also a better player than Danilo,and yet it looks very much like he's going to be Dan...
If we get DeGea now,and that means splashing money,I'll actually be mad. Keylor is our keeper,and I said this many times,but on his best form, like he is now , ...
I'm with you Danny, just don't worry about Ronaldo. It was one of those games where he could have easily had a hat-trick but the ball was just not going in. He ...
Day 758...still waiting for James to score a normal goal. Much better half,but we're still not there yet,but an improvement for sure. And Modric,not already :(
3 days ago
James is not a good winger,and Bale is not a good CAM/Playmaker. Makes no sense to play them out of position,they are both much less effective this way.
Starting XI: Navas, Danilo,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo, Kroos,Modric, James,Bale,Ronaldo, Benzema Wtf is up with Danilo getting an instant starting spot? This actual...
All thos groups expect the one from last season are tough ones. We did get lucky in knock out rounds,but I was talking about group stages.
5 days ago
Wait what? We had some luck in knock out stages the last couple of season,but we always get tough groups lol
Not an easy gropu for us,PSG and Shatkar will be tough opponents. I hope Benitez gets this team rolling, cause right I really don't have faith in him.
I am so relived Illarra is gone,the last thing we needed is for him to play in big games when our starters are not available. I wish him the best,he is not a pl...
6 days ago
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