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Hey Pejvl, do add me into the whatsapp group when you're free! :) My number is +60182878987 Cheers!
2 weeks ago
My stance on Benzema has always been the same for years, i'm just so sick of watching him stay in this club and many other great players leaving before him. Th...
4 weeks ago
Got plenty of time to prove himself? 14 more games? This man had 9 years, 9 garbage years to prove himself. He should have been sold 5 years ago. Our achievemen...
Just post you're phone number on my wall and we'll add you :)
1 month ago
Most of us migrated to the Whatsapp group. Hikmat, you're always welcome there :) Jeroen, what he said, although you're already in the group lol
2 months ago
Biggest misrepresented BS I saw yet lol
3 months ago
Isco for sure. Not many standout performance so far, witch reflects our results.
4 months ago
Really hard to tell with all the injuries and Zidane's constant rotation lol
5 months ago
Don't do it, they are all mean to me there :(
As far as I remember he didn't get no yellow card lol Btw Ramos did nothing against the rules on this occasion. Look up the rule book, can't type now.
^ It had been Pique just a while ago, trying to score a volleyball goal in the last Clasico lol
The ball was going out of the goal off Navas when it hit Ramos, it's not even a pen. Learn the rules before going on the justice crusade.
We lost Morata in favor of Benzema smh
Straight up Benzema for Suarez swap? with Benzema you'll get consistency, I'd go for it ...
6 months ago
Without Cristiano, Kroos, Marcelo and Kovacic ... Theo will and Cabellos could be thrown into fire tomorrow.
I don't get the move. They have Neymar and Di maria on the wings and Cavani as a striker. Is Cavani gonna sit on the bench for Mbappe? The only way the both pla...
I would not mind Lucas there at all. James played great on the wing last season, he was very creative from there. Both offer more than Bale, that's for sure.
BBC was never a thing. It was always Ronaldo, always. Benzema has zero killer instinct ... and he's a striker! I don't want to hear any of those "link up" man ...
Benzema HAS to be sold!Should have sold him ages ago, he's never been Madrid caliber striker.
At least half of his goals vs Barca came after a direct duel with Pique lol
7 months ago
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