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I'm pretty sure Hikmat was joking guys lol
4 hours ago
Modric is actually a pretty god defender,but Kroos really want's nothing to do with that part of the game,he's usually just to stand in front of his man and act...
1 day ago
Having Modric and Kroos at CM position,with Isco and Kovacic being backups is pretty good reason not to go for another one :)
Huh,well that's a turn around,he was basically the only player linked to us lol I don't know much about him,but I sure have no idea why we would need another m...
2 days ago
Btw, Perez looks like he's barley holding a massive s**t lol
There should be much more videos like this,it really shows how passionate you have to be to succeed at the top. This was basically the same kind of nervous as w...
What do you guys think about James and his future in Madrid? This is not a question whether or not his a good player,because he proved that some time ago.Grea...
Great move once again. Move to Germany did wonders for Carvajal,although that was a slight different situation,including a buy back clause.
3 days ago
Lol pathetic
6 days ago
The only thing is,purple is one of our traditional colours,right after white. We had purple shirts countless times in the past. Now Barca lol
1 week ago
Wow,if we can add a buy back claus that would be awsome for the club and Nacho. Although we will miss him a lot, he's much more important to the club than we th...
Cl is so much better than WC or any other national team tournament. Excitement for international tournaments might be bigger since they are rare,but quality wis...
Btw, that tackle on Ronaldo was so dirty, it even makes me wonder was that intentional. And was a fouled even called? I know for sure there was not even a yello...
Bravo Portugal,bravo! Their attack was avrage during the whole tournament,but their defenses was top class. All those draws,they are exactly the product of the...
Ronaldo :( This is heartbreaking, tears in the final after 13 years again :( I really hope Portugal can fight and win for him as well now...
Well done France,goal scoring machines. Only the 84' France has scored more goals then them so far. But I actually think Portugal has a much better chance aga...
2 weeks ago
Wohoo,go Portugal! First win in the tournament and it gets you to the final lol But seriously, Portugal has grown as a team with every passing match. Right now...
I just can't believe you mentioned Franco again,is he the reason for everything that doesn't go Barca's way? Guess those Franco ghost jokes could be real lol B...
Ture,but keeping Morata really makes sens for us now. We don't have a second striker after Benz,and I don'ts see any rumors of Madrid looking for one. I reall...
There were many of them,contributing at different parts of season. Top 3 most consistent ones were Ronaldo,Navas and Carvajal for sure. Then in the second part ...
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