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SA Lol,whats up with this Celta thing,I don't even remember what happened there? I don't get why you hold a grudge from a year ago.
13 hours ago
Well it is deserved,since the beginning of 2015 Barca has clearly been the best team. Messi deserves the Ballon D'or without a doubt as well.
14 hours ago
Franky This year you guys are on the course to match those 12 pks,I think you got around 10 in all competitions already :P By the way,last year you guys laugh...
La Liga sure is pressured into making us champions this year, with a grand total of 2 pks in 13 games( 0 in the CL ) lol.
18 hours ago
Oh come on guys,the defender got his foot clearly,how can you even deny that? It was a clear penalty,textbook.
1 day ago
False penalty lol.
Congrats to Ronaldo for becoming La Ligas third best scorer of all times,with 234 goals! And all that in such a short time. By the way, we have 4 players in th...
James and Isco both,along with Kroos. All 3 are CAMs.
Kovacic was MOTM for me,he was everywhere. He's really a talent to look out for. But again the same thing,midfielders and attackers are separated all the time...
Starting XI: Navas, Carvajal,Pepe,Nacho,Danilo, Modric,Kroos,Kovacic, James,Ronaldo,Bale My god,that defense with Danilo playing out of position...Tough game ...
The funny thing is, Mundo Deportivo love to troll us,neglect our victories and glorify Barca's. But they are not the media outlet that really hurt us. The so c...
2 days ago
Nacho is a much better full back than a CB.
3 days ago
OMG Varene is out for 4 weeaks. Ramos is already out for a month,and Marcelo is not ready as well. That leaves Back and Pepe( who gets injured often) for cb, an...
I was surprised as well,never expected something like that from him. I think he apologized right after the game and said tha t the frustration got to him and he...
4 days ago
I'm actually serious lol. He's slow as hell,but at least Arbeloa knows hot to pass the ball. Danilo is fast but every attacker keeps spinning him around,and I'm...
5 days ago
This match pissed me off more than Clasico. Terrible,just terrible. The only positive for me was a great Ronaldo-Bale partnership. And I never tough I would ...
Varane injured,our only true defender out. Still the same tip of play we've seen this month,very few chances created.
Starting XI: Casilla, Carvajal,Pepe,Varane,Nacho, Modric,Casemiro,Kovacic, Isco,Ronaldo,Bale And Kovacic appears again lol. Ronaldo again being put as a strik...
Barca were struggling till recently while we were not exactly moving mountains but we were very stable. Now Barca is in the best possible form and we are in the...
Ramos is a warrior, no doubt about that. Her played many matches under pain and he won't hesitat to put his head where others wouldn't dare to even put their le...
6 days ago
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