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Taking the same path as Raul I see :) Well who knows,Rual is in NY Cosmos right now,Xavi could end up in USA one day as well.
1 day ago
IMO, no LB or RB comes close to Marcelo's attacking abilities. I think he is just as vital for us as Ronaldo and Modric. He a good defender,but he's problem is ...
There was a period of time under Mou when he was actually really really good. But even then,you could see his limitation,especially when creativity is the case....
2 days ago
Thank you pavle for the kind welcome. Yes the barca and Madrid pages are quite alien to me. Mostly because they move so fast and I forget when I do post on ther...
Welcome to the team Sergio! Although I am still mad at you for your display in El Clasico,how could you leave Suarez so open?! :P Jokes aside,we didn't have a...
I went for Kroos as a CAM because that was he's usual position back in Bayern. It makes sense,since his play making abilities would be more useful since he's cl...
---------------Neuer---------------- Lahm----Varane----Boateng----Marcelo -------Modric---Schweingsteiger------ --Robben------Kroos------Ronaldo-- ----------...
Could you imagine Raul getting banned? Blasphemous! :) And that is the good part of NBA,they don't hold back to punish divers(floppers). Also a video technolog...
3 days ago
This is moving in similar direction the the modern NBA rules. In the NBA,if you taunt or celebrate looking at the opponent you get a technical foul. Now la Liga...
James started training normally with the rest of the team! He's expected to return in our next game after the international break,vs Granada.
Why are you always so negative? We actually played really good,a lot higher that everybody expected. We have crucial players coming back from injuries,James sho...
So it's that time again,International break. I fear this matches more than Atletico and Bacra combined,I just hope everybody gets trough them unharmed.
4 days ago
Thanks Tharius and Danny. And no Chelsea61,you can't have Varane lol. But how about courtois and Matic for Arbeloa? Sounds fair to me..
Http:// Can any Spanish speakers help and translate this? Seems to me t...
Well he is spot on,don't you think so? There is nothing ignorant in his comment,he just told the truth. Until the moment Suarez scored,we had the initiative, wi...
Football,a game of two halfs. I think that was really shown today. Good game and good win for you guys,it was a very open match. Having 4 points more than us co...
5 days ago
Ronaldo is the third top scorer in El Clasico's, along with Raul,with 15 goals. All that in only 6 years in Madrid. Something to be happy about,yay...
When things didnt go well in attack in the last 30 minutes,he compensated by running and pressing the most out of our front 3. So i stand by what i said,he was ...
Varane was a boos the second he came in,and he came in in the toughest possible moment. He found himself alone in defense on couple of counters and reacted well...
Actually every GK should have stopped that shot. He was completely closed down by Ramos and Pepe,and he had only one way to shot,and iker should have know that.
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