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The Bale effect!
22 hours ago
That's probably true Tharius,but it's really good to know he's progressing well.
Ramos and James started working with the ball today,and Modric has been training normally with full intensity for over a week now. Great news!
I also encourage all the regular users form Madrid and Barcelona pages to voice their general opinions on this matter.It would make things a lot easier if we kn...
Hey Aaron, Things got messy and some words were said witch probably shouldn't have been from both sides. Our forum along with Barca's has become the one who at...
I'm glad you responded well to this RealFan. The problem with banter is that not everybody will take it the same way. Imagine if a controversial moment appears ...
Depends on for too Danny. If both Bale and Benzema are on there best and one of them has to sit down,then there is no doubt that Benzema will have to settle for...
1 day ago
Situation around the world is already tensed,with the whole situation with Ukraine,Russia and USA going at each other and things like we really want t...
2 days ago
Well he's presence won't make things worst.that for sure. This midfield: James---Modric---Kroos---Isco was one of the best if not the best I've seen in a long...
For me it's always CL over any other competition. The best scenario is to take both titles of course.
So 22 wins in a row represent inconsistency? Alos how did you come to that conclusions about Ronaldo after he was our best player yesterday? Also Bale always pl...
3 days ago
Can't say I'm surprised,he had those periods in Madrid as well. Oh and,LVG is playing him on the wing,so he's basically wasting his talent. Di Maria is a vary b...
I was certain that our next match was against Schalke,but looks like Athletico comes first and than that one. Oh boy,that will be a tough one,away from home too...
It's Ronaldo,it's expected of him to take free kicks. But i would also like for somebody else to take them,especially if they are near the box. He puts way to m...
Oh Assenjo,you damn beast! And Jese,the goal was empty! Tough result,we wasted too many chances. Ronaldo really turned up the tempo in the second half,but Ass...
Shift Ronaldo out of the middle and back to the wing ASAP! Also I'm sick of watching us cross every time we don't have an idea how to end the attack. Not lookin...
Starting XI: Casillas,Carvajal,Pepe,Varane,Marcelo,Lucas Silva,Kroos,Isco,Bale,Benzema,Ronaldo Not that i oppose,but Carlo better rotate against Schalke a lit...
Not yet,but Isco has the potential to be more that the original Illusionist. Also he's defending is no illusion :)
4 days ago
Carlo is expecting Modric to be ready for Schalke,and if not,then for Athletico certainly. The question is,for how much will he be ready in the Clasico? I would...
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