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JohnSnow, just stop with the clear trolling. Another post like that and the discussion is over.
9 hours ago
Again a very lame display...defense not focused enough,midfielder without creativity and attackers not doing their job. Right now we should all be nervous for t...
20 hours ago
You're going on a vacation from Footytube if you continue trolling Mar123.
We're just out of form,this is not how Madrid plays usually.
The return of selfish Bale...I hate it when he starts playing like this. Ronaldo needs to snap out of pre season mod ASAP!
21 hours ago
That's true, and I really miss watching Isco play,he could be a good option for the midfield 3.
23 hours ago
Starting XI: Casilla, Carvajal,Varane,Ramos,Nacho, Modric,Kroos,Asensio, Bale,Morata,Ronaldo Now this looks like an interesting line up. Morata over Benzema,A...
Kovacic maybe? He's been amazing so far. And our only LB is out for 2 weeks, great :(
2 days ago
Well they had a chance to close the gap on us as well,so it goes both ways. But yeah,we've been know to miss our chances in La Liga recently.
3 days ago
Man,Ronaldo looks like he's at 20% right now. He was noticeable slower and weaker,he's work rate was unrecognizable. I know he's been out for more than 2 mont...
BBC was really bad today...
Starting XI: Casilla, Danilo,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo, James,Kovacic,Kroos, Bale,Benzema,Ronaldo What the hell happened to Modric?! Casemiro is out as well. I don...
4 days ago
They scored 13 and we 12 so far,there is really no significant difference.
6 days ago
Asensio had some good runs and created chances,although he saw a lot less of the ball then James. James looked clumsy and lost in midfield,I really wish Zidane ...
The funny thing is,I thought Benzema and James were our worst players...yet they both scored lol Kroos and Modric(again) had amazing games,along with Carvajal....
S**t Refs are the norm for La Liga :)
Suuuuure,now look at the fouls on Casemiro and Marcelo...
Starting XI: Casilla, Carvajal,Pepe,Ramos,Marcelo, Modric,Casemiro,James, Lucas,Benzema,Asensio Man,Zizou is really mixing it up every game. Asensio is back,a...
FIFA is a very flawed game,but still it's far ahead of PES. The ball movement in PES looks so unrealistic,that alone is to much for me lol
1 week ago
After Bale,Ronaldo is also out for the match against Espanyol. Apparently,Ronaldo got sick,damn... What a test for the Benzema-Morata combo. On Paper I don't s...
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