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The first image that comes to my mind when I think about Morata,is his head always being bent to the ground. He really got a great chance when Benzema was in on...
9 hours ago
Since Benitez left Napoli,they have been on fire. They are top of the table and will most likely fight for the title with Juve. And oh boy,Pipita is tearing S...
13 hours ago
This really sounds like some crazy Marca like rumor to fill in the gap between matches,since there is nothing better to report. Also,Morata is behind Mandzuki...
That video you posted was amazing Franky,just beautiful. But what gets be bored is the 500 short passes that come before that happens lol As much as I apprecia...
3 days ago
I have nothing against Pep. He maybe did have great players every time he coached a team,but he's system provided results for Barca and Bayern( minuse the CL se...
Tell that to Benitez Che. He pined Ronaldo so far up the field that he usually received just a couple of ball during the whole match against good teams. Same wi...
4 days ago
What the hell does Ronaldo have to do with this Leo? lol Btw,we played terrible as a team in all those matches,don't know what you expect from one player in a ...
We are really playing some beautiful football since Zidane took over(including the draw vs Betis). Another great match,such fluid movement in attack. And that R...
5 days ago
Good point,you are completely right now that I think about it. Kinda sad thou :(
Starting XI: Navas, Carvajal,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo James,Kroos,Modric,Isco, Benzema,Ronaldo Well Carlo has definitely made a huge impact on Zidanes coaching ap...
Don't worry DaGaza,we'll get DeGea and everything will change then lol. Btw, we actually played great the last couple of matches. But until we see a significan...
6 days ago
We don't have an owner,he's a president. But yeah,similar thing when it comes to control. He has a brain fart syndrome too. Seems like he even managed to infe...
1 week ago
Really Evexo? I've been one of the hardest Benzema critics over the years,but he's been our most consistent scorer this season. Not to mention he has the best g...
I really like James,he's one of the best players we have. But today,he was one of our worst players Tharius,those stats don't tell the full story. All of his ...
The worst part is,we played great,especially in the second half lol. Passing was there,dribbling,chance creating,but finishing... Modric was insanely good,he ...
Starting XI: Navas, Danilo,Pepe,Varane,Marcelo, James,Modric,Kroos,Isco, Benzema,Ronaldo Well I hope this will be a 4-4-2,you could say Carlo's ultimate form ...
He's out for 3 weeks mate :( At least this will probably create a chance to James to regain his form. If Zizou starts Jese or Lucas over him,than there is defi...
Actually, Ronaldo doesn't take free kicks from the right side of the field at all. Right is reserved for Bale,after him James. Ronaldo takes them when they are ...
2 weeks ago
Not really a surprise,Ronaldo has been off with free kicks for a long time and Zizou is the master :) Btw,found this interesting stats for best free kick taker...
Juventusfc Oh boy,you really need to start watching James play if you think he's nothing special. He's and extraordinary playmaker,even at his age. Not to ment...
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