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OMG the ending! ahahhahahaha
1 day ago
Smart move by Messi,if he took that trophy,the media storm against him would be even bigger than after the world cup. By the way,who the hell are the people who...
Nice to hear that,he really has to improve and overcome his injure for good. Also,speaking about determination and hard work,I love the story James told when ...
2 days ago
Wouldn't mind adding that PSG Brazilian kid with the same name RealFan :)
4 days ago
So we officially activated our bye back clause for Lucas Vázquez,so this means we'll have another Madridista return after a successful 1 year development away ...
5 days ago
Thank DaGaza for digging up this amazing picture :) Can you imagine this guys hanging out and fooling around with the ball in the locker room? Still,I imagin...
6 days ago
One of the best picture I saw, already put it as my wallpaper on my PCN thanks for sharing DaGaza :) I'll emband this here as soon as I get some free time tod...
I guess I will never understand this guys who are playing football,the game they love, at the very top level and are getting paid millions in the process. Still...
1 week ago
Just amazing. Speaking of his sliding tackles,I'm pretty sure they are by far the best on the planet. I'm not even exaggerating now,since he came to Madrid ti...
Oh yeah,also,he's the top scorer for New York Cosmos so far,with 4 goals,and they are first right now. Looks like the good old tradition of teams winning trophi...
You mean THE best to wear the Madrid jersey? :P Happy birthday Raul,you're still my hero!
Che is right,give him enough money and he'll forget about his days in Madrid right away.
I have mixed feelings about this situation. I want Ramos to stay,but if money is more important to him,then let him go. I always had a mixed opinion on him as...
Best skill moves from our players last season. I know the season has been terrible,but there sure has been a lot of flair from Ronaldo,James,Marcelo and co. Spe...
2 weeks ago
I really don't know who thought Neymar could be a good captain. Great players are not necessary great leaders as well.
I read a great sentence about Perez somewhere: "He is the problem,but he sees himself as a solution" So true...
3 weeks ago
New kits! Classic white looking brighter than ever with those silver stripes. This gray ones look great as well,I'm actually thing of getting this,they lo...
So we will probably have the youngest team in la Liga next season,with an average of only around 26 years. Valencia could be the only younger team,with an avera...
On your wall as well.
I'm really loosing patient with Bale. I saw a picture a couple of days ago and it looked to me like he finally cut his hair. Now I watch the replays of the Wale...
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