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I guess you all know my stand on Benzema,but tonight he was great. If he could play like this consistently I would be his number 1 fan. At least keep it up for ...
15 hours ago
Wow,first Tharius and now you too! Im really glad you had the chance to realize the dream of every Madridista around the world. And good luck with your studies,...
18 hours ago
Starting XI: Casillas,Arbeloa,Pepe, Varane,Marcelo,Modric,Kroos,Isco,James,Benzema,Ronaldo I wish we rested Modric for this one,Illarra could have gotten some...
19 hours ago
I see Chicharito coming of the bench and scoring a tap in against Liverpool and Barca,he's just the player for this kind of matches.
^ No I wasn't,sorry. Better luck next time lol
1 day ago
Platini seems to have forgotten taht this is an individual award and not a collective one. And besides, the World Cup is not as nearly important as it was some ...
So what is this supposed to show? It's just a video of Messi and Enrigue gesturing,seems like Enrique wanted to sub him off but Messi said he's ok. Where does i...
I kinda have a feeling our guys have they're minds set on El Clasico already,just like us fans. We might see Carlo rotate a bit even thou Bale and Ramos(probabl...
2 days ago
Bale is ruled out of the Liverpool match and probably out of Clasico as well. I don't mind him not playing against Liverpool, but it's a huge loss for us in the...
3 days ago
All depends on Varane. If he plays,Messi will be cozy in his pocket once again :)
It's important,but not as Clasico. Besides,I think Arbeloa,Illarra,Chicharito and Isco could cover those spots just nicely.
4 days ago
So should we rotate our team a little for the Liverpool game? I mean,the Clasico is in less that 3 full days from that,and Barca will have the luxury of having ...
Why not play an attacking trio of Ronaldo,James,Bale and let Isco play in midfield? As i recall we played on of the best games of the season when we used that l...
I have just 2 wishes for the Clasico when it comes to player selection: 1) Varane must play ( if healthy of course) 2) Isco must play Isco was amazing today,I...
Starting XI: Casillas,Carvajal,Nacho,Pepe,Marcelo,Modric, Kroos,Isco,James,Chicha,Ronaldo Hmmmm,Bale on the bench? I guess he's getting a rest. Also Khedira i...
5 days ago
Pejvl updated his profile
Varane is out too,he picked up a flue,and that puts us in a tricky situation. Time for Nacho to step up once again. Also Khedira is on the squad list for this g...
Great draw we got for Copa del Ray: We start against Cornella,then in the quarter finials we will probably get our favorite opponents,the set piece masters Atl...
6 days ago
I doubt Carlo will risk messing with the midfield ashed of the Clasico. Then again,Khedira misses almost the whole season and still started in the CL finale. We...
There is a video of Albanians smuggling trough the border the flag,and also I told you that the Albanian Prime Minister's brother was the one controlling the dr...
1 week ago
This game was always going to get heated,but the flag was just a slap in the face that boiled everything over. Those hooligans are aggressive without provocatio...
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