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If he actually played that game I could almost guarantee that he would score two goals minimum. Sociedad was so poor yesterday,it was amazingly easy to go troug...
7 hours ago
Especially Benzema,what a second half from him! lol
The way this game is going,Ronaldo would probably score twice already. We have all the initiative and as long as we don't make a stupid mistake in defense we s...
It was a 50-50 situation,they were both in a position to shot and they both interrupted each other.
Starting XI: Casillas,Carvajal,Varane,Ramos,Marcelo, James,Kroos,Illarra,Isco,Bale,Benzema Lucas Silva didn't make the bench,looks like Carlo thinks he's not ...
Lol,nice one from Totti. His face at the end is the best part,he's like: "Sorry bro,had to do it".
1 day ago
Gaya is an amazing left back,we woulds be lucky to have him. Although Coentrao is the perfect backup for Marcelo,it is unfair to a player of his caliber to be c...
3 days ago
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Oh yeah,saw this recently and forgot to post it here. Here you go Evexo
Thanks for the support, Pejvl. A lot of things have been happening lately so I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about!
Raul Garcia is actually worst than Costa when it comes to diving and dirty tricks.
They are behind us and Barcelona in La Liga,playing on Calderon in two weeks. i think they need that win more than us if they want to defend their title,they wi...
4 days ago
So Atletico had 51% possession in the first half. Now they did manage to score 2 goals,but look at their defense,completely out of position and very easy to go ...
Oblak is a terrible keeper,proving that once again. And Atletico is out of control,they are tackling like crazy. Mario Suarez has been terrible,and Raul Garic...
This seem familiar lol And what's up with Torres? He can't just keep scoring goal in first minutes of the half like this!
Innocent until proven otherwise? As far as I know the investigation is ongoing and there have not been any conclusions yet. Knowing how professional Perez is wh...
That's a relief. Still,I can't stop feeling mad at him for doing this,he put the whole team in a tough situation before 2 very hard matches. Also he was on his ...
I'm 100% against this. Santiago Bernabeu is not just a new,it's a symbol for real Madrid. When you say Real Madrid,what are the first associations you get? Cham...
@Zizozil I did not see Franky calling Ronaldo a bitch anywhere. As for the mods editing it for him, every mod can go and check each member's comment history. If...
Raul,Casillas,Guti,Soladao,Negredo,Carvajal,Arbeloa,Mata, Reina,Callejon,Diego Lopez,Jese Rodriguez,Javi Garcia,Eto,Juanfran,Felipe Luis,Nacho, Granero,Borja Va...
Thanks for the invitation man,but I play Fifa on PC . Shame that nobody from footytube plays it on PC anymore,i used to have great matches with DaGaza last year...
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