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No excuses,anything short of winning for Argetina is a failure.
3 days ago
Lol,are you actually serious? They are terrible and Ronaldo was terrible for two out of 3 matches so far,these are no excuses. Today Ronaldo was the difference ...
They didn't get lucky,it's all rigged,Perez pulling the strings!
Huge game for Ronaldo,finally! Two goals and an assist,and r=that first goal,wow... And yet Portugal finish just third,and could play Croatia. I don't see much...
Again,I'm not going to defend him because there is no defense for this. He lost his temper and then he acted rash and immature. But just imagine if Ibra this t...
It's confirmed, Madrid will re sign Morata this summer. Now Morata never really impressed me while he was playing here the first time. He was always to nervou...
4 days ago
I don't approve or justify what Ronaldo said after the match at all. He was being a sour loser(even thou it was a draw). But what makes my day is seeing the ma...
6 days ago
I told you guys not to get your hopes up for Portugal lol I know it's the first game and things could change,but come on, Island...
1 week ago
I just don't trust this Portugal team,they look for Ronaldo way to much. Almost every game of theirs I watches,they just keep passing to Ronaldo and expecting h...
2 weeks ago
The votes are in and the winner of the first ever Ballon D'footy goes to...........Cristiano Ronaldo!....and Keylor Navas! lol Ronaldo won with 21 votes,but si...
3 weeks ago
Isco didn't make the finale team for Spain, wow. I know he didn't have the best of season,but he was still god and he's a great player. And then PEDRO gets a ca...
Sneaky Modric,paying both Keaylor and Marcelo :P
Honorable mentions: Lukas,Ramos,Benzema,Kroos
RONALDO 51 goals 15 assists 81.5 pass accuracy 7 + years of this madness...
BALE 19 goals 12 assists 82% pass accuracy I had to think about putting him among thees players. He basically missed half a season,but you just can't forget...
CASEMIRO 62% of duels won 70% tackles won 88% pass accuracy 1 goal 3 assists This man,with the backing of Zizou,revived our season. I'm willing to bet everyt...
MODRIC 91% pass accuracy 3 goals 5 assists This is what you get when he has most an injure free season(rare sight in our team this year). Maestro,no explanat...
CARVAJAL 49% of duels won 66% tackles won 89% pass accuracy 4 assists A workhorse, darting forward but also always running back to defend. He's becoming one ...
MARCELO 55% of duels won 84.5% pass accuracy 85% tackles won 2 goals and 4 assists He was amazing for the majority of the season. Especially when we had all...
NAVAS 2.6 saves per game 21 clean sheets 3 saved penalties How amazing was he? Some of his saves literally won us games,amazing gk and Perez better drop his ...
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