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Even more "W's" to come ,I hope. Right now it is the record for most consecutive w in Madrid history lol
20 hours ago
Thanks Tanmay :)
1 day ago
And the moment has come,Ronaldo is no level with Raul. It's great to have 2 out of top 3 goalscorers in the history of Champions league coming from Madrid. Mo...
Today we saw vintage Arbeloa. Once again he reminded me of Mourinho days,when I spent most of the games frustrated,shouting at the black hole on the right side....
Starting XI: Navas,Arbeloa,Varane,Ramos,Coentrao,James,Kroos,Isco, Bale,Benzema,Ronaldo Im so glad Navas got a chance,and we also got Coentrao back. If we win...
Last year Ribery was just an important part of a well oiled machine than ran a perfect counterattacking system. Even then,during Jupps Bayern,I would still say ...
The craziest part in this scenario is that when Ronaldo is in case,it's very possible lol.
4ever "meantime ribery won every single team trophy" every single team trophy team trophy team Ballon D'or is an individual award.
2 days ago
I will never get people who basically blame Ronaldo for scoring penalties. Is he supposed to miss them? The man is doing his job,and he's doing it almost to per...
Congrats to him,the record is his for now. Ronaldo will have the next move tomorrow.
Yeah, that's why I thought it was connected to Shady,but still a cool coincidence lol. Now that i think about it,you had his picture as your dp some time ago,I ...
Slim you like Eminem? Is he maybe the reason behind your name here on footy? Anyways, im a huge fan of his as well,still didnt get to see him perform live thou ...
3 days ago
No way,that's not in Ronaldo's mentality at all,he goes all out all the time. And besides,he practically already has a granted Ballon D'or,this year there is re...
Just leave Rual be! Ronaldo is coming for all of his records is seems lol. Can't say im not just a little bit sad.
4 days ago
Yeah i know,but since this game has almost no competitive meaning for us,i think it would be a nice time to give him a little rest. The season is long,and if he...
I know he's chasing a record,but i think we should rest Ronaldo against Basel,since we granted the first place. At best,give him one half. Also Kroos needs a re...
This move by Cristiano before the first goal was just amazing: And after that he even managed to assist the goal f...
5 days ago
Same here,nobody is safe during and the game after international break lol
Just a little rest for him,he literally didnt get a break since this season started.
This made my day lol.
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