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So it's 15th match in a row he doesn't even come close to scoring. Let's not blame Benzema for this lose,but let's also not forget that this is the only striker...
7 hours ago
Made this two videos for todays match: Toni Kroos vs Atleti: Isco vs Atleti:
8 hours ago
Starting XI: Casillas,Carvajal,Varane,Ramos,Coentrao,Kroos, Alonso,Modric,James,Bale ,Benzema Di Maria and Khedira are not even on the bench,Ronaldo is. Every...
11 hours ago
I also watched when Ronaldo and Bale were not on the pitch with him in the ending of La Liga last year,when Ramos had to do his job. This year he doesn't even h...
19 hours ago
So Benzema has scored 1 goal in the last 14 games he played for Madrid. He is our striker,our number 9,who has the luxury of defenders stretching out to double ...
20 hours ago
Wow 7-0! Those kids must be verry talented, no doubt. It's a shame Barca doesn't use academy player for the first team anymore :)
Also Khedira rejected a new contract as well, but did not ask to leave. At least we know now whats really happening. We tried our best to keep Di maria,it's h...
1 day ago
Ahhhh and there is our misunderstanding Cjayzz,we have a different understanding of the term "biggest club". When i say biggest club,I thin of trophies , succe...
Having the most fans doesn't rank you automatically as the biggest club in the world. Justin Biber has a ton of fan girls,does that make him the best musician?...
Hmmmm,yes you really found a video that makes it look like he dives all the time. But don't be so hard on him dude,in reality, he never dives
2 days ago
Modric got a new contract until 2018. Good to know we have our current best midfielder committed for future.
Messi with many simulations v Los Blancos:
3 days ago
Ah,the usual Carlo answer when it comes to Ronaldo's injuries. We've been hearing that it's not serious for the last month of the past season,yet he missed most...
It was a solid game from us,but the late Atleti goal ruined it,they even have the advantage now. Kroos was great,shame for the sitter he missed. Marcelo was als...
Damnit Iker. And that was also a clear pen for us.
Ok im scared now...Cristiano better be ok!
Starting XI: Casillas,Ramos,Pepe,Carvajal,Marcelo,Kroos,Alonso,Modric,Bale,Ronaldo, Benzema since we're going to control possession in this one most probably,...
Classic 4ever ignorant post after not even reading my previous ones. Go up,read how i got to it,than come back.
4 days ago
This videos are not telling the full story. In the first goal,before it happened,he actually had to come out to pass the ball back to defenders,thats why he was...
I agree with that,no doubt. If i hate something in football that is diving,its destroying the sport. I wish there were more players like Raul was,like Puyol,lik...
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