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As long as we continue this smart buying and promoting policy, we're on a good track. Notice how the second Perez stopped buying just star names, and actually g...
1 month ago
Not even close lol. He had no influence on the game on the first cross. On the second one he was on side.
2 months ago
How much smother was our attack with Asensio playing instead of Bale? Also, even thou we went a man down it got even better with James coming in for Benzema. ...
3 months ago
Fiasco from Tuesday lol
Exactly because of that. Their midfield is week and we should overwhelm them with Modric, Isco, Miro and Kroos. Remember the first Clasico? On paper their midfi...
I actually hope Bale stays on the bench, he's been bad this season and lately he's been terrible. Without him ZZ can play with 4 midfielders, he would mess up o...
Again? lol I would much rather play Atleti in the final than over 2 legs. Let's hope the stay true to our ways ... they torment us in the league ,and we kick t...
I only partially agreed with his post, hence the "but" part.
I doubt any Madrid fan is denying that two goals Rolando scored in the overtime were from an offside position. Did we benefit from that? Of course we did, massi...
Don't put your insanity on me Gaza! :P
FuutballGott I deleted most of your post because they all had personal insults in them. If you can't play nice and talk footy normally like everybody else, you'...
You guys still talk about Franco lol
Just keep it "banterish" guys, no need to start fights.
I didn't want to count all of the mistakes, but there was Carva not a pen, Robben not a pen, Ramos pen, Miro pen, offside on Ronaldo etc ... And btw, when I me...
Can we ever win comfortably? These guys really don;'t care about my health lol I'm so glad this is done, we were close to loosing a tie in which we were a bett...
Damn, you were pretty mean to that poor lady. You could have at least took a picture with Danilo lol
Again we struggle in our own stadium again a bottom half team. We are really not clicking for a long time now. And I'm really loosing fate in Bale, he's really ...
When he says I was a special kid loooool
Never gonna work with Kroos in the team. Get Modric to his spot and play Isco or Kovacic as one of the wide midfielders. I always wanted to see something like t...
My name ends with ic...and here I am sitting :( Yugoslavia was actually really strong back in the day. Remember that Demrak team that won the Euros? They were ...
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