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Whether you or anyone ever said easy draws know 0 about this sport as everyone still has to go out there and kick a ball in anger. So no matter how on PAPER the...
1 week ago
Ramos free to play.
All these jokers keep talking about "soft" pk and don't know whether they're saying that because of time pk was given or the act itself that the call was for. T...
All I can say is that CR7 is iconic whether you love him or hate him!!!!
2 weeks ago
Pedmar updated their profile
No fan has short term memory!!! ALL fans want their team to perform and win, if not then at least go down fighting especially when we're talking about players w...
1 month ago
Navas is a good gk but simple mistakes that allow goals on replay you say should have never scored is what keeps his name in the media at the end of each season...
Unfortunately that will never happen in our lifetime.
Was a plan 😁
2 months ago
🤔 thought pks were part of the game and not a bonus given by refs as they saw fit.
👆 agreed
Thing is you're talking about a player CR7 that has had the spotlight on him for 9 yrs straight along with L.Messi. So when you mention Xavi and Zidane it's und...
Reality is that these guys who make up the bench and some starters now and then have lost faith in ZZ. His inability to react in a timely manner or be proactive...
If you check and ask those same fans why, I bet they'd say because of his attitude and nothing else.
Raising boot or not it all depends on the height that it's done. Cr went low to head a ball so that's why the ref didn't entertain a card.
Accidental, no malice as the ball was at a height to attack def and as a striker so had it not scored I believe maybe the call could have been diff but it all h...
Relax yaself buddy, CR is the one who's telling Madrid he wants to leave because he's not being paid same as Messi and Neymar. For CR to come out and talk like ...
Benz is now back from injury, give the guy a break. How many have we given bale? I for one have been very critical of both but this time around Benz has to get ...
3 months ago
Zidane will stay to season's end. His departure as is said is entirely up to him. The names being touted around is in the event he decides to leave. ZZ has to a...
Amazing to hear these players say they don't know what's happening to them. 🤦‍♂️ It's obvious the reason is leading the team talks and training session...
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Pedmar gave the Real Betis v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
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