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I expect RM to go out there today and play their game given the opponent and the pitch conditions. We can't win every game but I'd sure love that, this is reali...
23 hours ago
At Utd CR7 was the Godzilla of Football!!!
What's so great about that vid is the ignorant barca fans after the goal, expecting that insulting the players that it would chock the goal off the scoresheet.
When the league starts back he will as we'll have Khedira covering his back allowing him to do just that.
3 days ago
What's with Alonso all of a sudden? Neur the best GK he's ever played with and won absolutely 0 with him to date. Yet won everything with Iker and Reina. Now La...
Can anyone who has any type of medical understanding tell me how is it that one player has an ankle fracture = out 3 mnths, another has muscle injury = out 6 mn...
4 days ago
Now on the topic of the Ballon D'Or and what M.Neur and others have said about our CR7... F..K 'EM I say!!! All of a sudden it's a problem and when another was ...
5 days ago
Http:// F..k Club politricks!!! Carlo Ancelotti is RM COACH case closed and F.Perez should a...
@DaGaza, Kroos would do that if he's been playing golf. He may be a golf fanatic and those kinds of shots would be in his repetoire.
2 weeks ago
People are talking about Enrique's lineup decisions for Barca but like Carlo he's looking to make all of his players feel important as there's no way of telling...
@Tharius I agree with the James assessment as LP's defenders caught him too easily when he was in possession and both Modric and Isco somehow always looked to g...
Http:// This pole may say two things but from it I take that the fans are looking at the thr...
Why does the media always put negativity where there's no place for it here at RM. Why would the re-introduction of Bale been seen as dropped faith in Isco if h...
Congrats to L.Messi on his feat today, but records are there to be broken and our CR7 will have his chance in RM's next game and hopefully he'll put in a couple...
Given their recent performances and having to face Chelsea this weekend the coach was looking towards that or have you guys forgotten when we played Bayern and ...
Agreed as James looked slow suggesting fatigue. Does nothing wrong to change it up as we saw how Carvajal got injured and we surely don't want to lose our momen...
No he's not most of you LOVEEE his play and whenever I say such things all his fans come out the woodwork.
Acceptable 3 points but IMO our final 1/3 passing was poor, too much show-piece passing and not taking the game serious enough. Cr7 was very guilty and Isco for...
We have nothing against Benzema but to help out CR7 from being the main goal scorer when he gets his opps. The entire can see how important Benz has become to t...
That is so true, but the excitement isn't about Barca in 4th place but how well RM is playing at the moment and I do hope when we do lose that it doesn't give t...
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