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Benz fat??????? the guy's a lean machine now. What he doesn't do is score more.
1 week ago
Bale is barely making it now and ZZ said he's learnt from the Barca game ref to Bale. So highly doubtful he'd start if he does make it in time.
Today is a must NOT lose game!! It's not a must win game but more importantly a must not LOSE game moreso. I hope the guys go out there and enjoy themselves in ...
That stupid as ass YC shown to Nacho by the ref WILL be rescinded!!!
If Real allows Atletico to come back and knock us out tomorrow, ZZ and this entire team should just quit for the rest of the season and don't show up for anothe...
2 weeks ago
Madrid chased down a player believed to be the next Neymar in the likelihood that other teams can't get him if his potential is as expected.
^^ That's why we give them nothing and take everything.
3 weeks ago
Yeah until he plays one from the A team............Benzema!!!!
I see ZZ starting Bale from the onset if we make it to the final. Simply to try to get behind Juve's back four if they are successful as well. Thing is their ba...
Nacho did well but we have to start showing faith in Danilo despite what he's shown so far. Remember Varane is a high suspect for getting injured so we have to ...
What Zidane is doing now is understanding how those he's left on the bench comes in and unsettles the opps
Yup another off-side ?ble call
ZZ will never change. Game after game Benzema is less and less affective for us and yet he starts each game he's fit. SMH!!!
4 weeks ago
^^ You are so correct. Yet I keep reading people talking about Bale hopefully staying injury free for a season...........really now!!!
Which is a big mistake for a coach of a club of such magnitude knowing not doing what's best for the team can cost him his job
What angers me is when we have a coach that gets and reports to the media bold faced that all are equal to him.....oh really!!!!! So when Bale got injured and w...
@Cjayzz's last post is spot on. There's nothing said that any true madrid fan hasn't thought, said or felt over the past 9yrs.
1 month ago
The only reason Pepe is preferred or any other to Nacho is because REAL MADRID gives preference to foreign players who've been bought for XX dollars in comparis...
Pardon me!!! NACHO is a very REAL CB!!!! Excuse yourself buddy!!! Agree on almost all but ADM wanted to leave as well so that's that. We have quality but it mak...
It'll take a lot for Zidane to convince me that he knows what he is doing.
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Pedmar gave the Real Betis v Real Madrid video a rating of 5
Pedmar gave the Real Madrid v Espanyol video a rating of 5
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