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Against Barcelona what will surely be needed is calm and pace in defense and neither Ramos or Pepe has that over Varane. Against the likes of Messi,Neymar and S...
20 hours ago
You have millions of fellow believers who also share the same thought. Varane should be automatic!!
WTF is wrong with BALE?? Guy plays in and out for us, goes off to ntnl team and comes back unavl for us in UCL and League. Is this pay-back for CDR and UCL??
4 days ago
How fantastic would it be for Messi to score and become La Liga's all time leading goal scorer and CR7 gets a hat trick and becomes La Liga's all time leading h...
5 days ago
Difficult to be anything but quiet. All is well so far, we have to be cautious against Liverpool and Barcelona. If we weren't playing well then there'd be more ...
6 days ago
Boss Mode!!!
1 week ago
The focus is on "TEAMS" and not players that make up that team. Teams could be in the form of mindset, work ethic when leading or playing from behind. What he's...
2 weeks ago
Which match did ^^ watch?? Spain lost that game!! WTF was Casillas thinking with on that fk?? It's amazing how VDB hasn't put in DeGea yet. Nothing against Iker...
Sorry to see them go if they're given their independence but TBH I do hope RM gives them a royal send off befitting of a royal arse whopping. On the other hand ...
RM U r NOT above the law!! Zidane has been given a 3 mth ban.
It's disrespectful to coaches around the world. Isn't it a requirement to have a license to drive legally and without one and caught is a broken law and penalti...
He is correct no matter who the legend is, right is right and what is being done by RM is clearly wrong and they should know better!!
Must be such a feeling to see that REAL MADRID is the ONLY club whose fans whistle them. Such a great feeling to be part of such a fan base.
Getting tired of reading fans whistling Iker in our home stadium!! I brand those fans IGNORANT TWATS!! Makes 0 sense doing such as he's OUR GK not the opposing ...
@Wolfpack this isn't a "just for laughs" forum ok!! In EVERY replay Benzema was at least 2 player's stance away from the defender when he fell and unless Benzem...
@Henkkaa, we respect your opinion not to accept ours. In this case Iker isn't playing for just any club but RM and like Benzema who wears the #9 jersey we expec...
Thought Benz was right on him, looking for a foul to be called to clear the danger. LOLZ
3 weeks ago
@Henkkaa, I'm not saying Iker's the reason for our errors on set-pieces, what I am saying is that for all the "one of the best gk ever" he should be more comman...
@Henkkaa, When was the last time you've read any posts here regarding Iker that hasn't been about his lack there of?? Yet you wonder Y the RM fans here want mor...
On another note Iker Casillas needs to open his f....g MOUTH and bark!!! at his defenders and not act as though all is ok. When the cameras are on him he always...
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