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Diff is CR7 would have played a game or 2 before. Or come off the bench as has been done before. One thing ZZ does not do and that is rush back players. Can't h...
1 week ago
If ZZ ever did what Poch did to L.Moura to any of our players who put the team on his back and pushed them into any final to leave that player on the bench to t...
2 weeks ago
This team has 0 direction and so far all the talk points to it increasing for next season. For a long time this team has lost it all not only compts but its dri...
1 month ago
Congrats on a sensational comeback, well done!!!!
It's time for Bale to leave Madrid. His behavior no matter how he feels about the coach's decisions should never be displayed in the manner he did in our last g...
3 months ago
4 months ago
Seems like the high winds really affected their passing and honestly all of them echoed the same sentiment from coach to gk. Yes painful as it looked like we re...
6 months ago
If Cr hadn't left Madrid I strongly believe we'd be celebrating him winning it.
Wasn't gonna say anything but this @##$^%$%$^&&^& has me too upset!!! For yrs FLORENTINO PEREZ has subjected Madrid to POOR coaches. We did manage success under...
@#%&* Hate reading articles talking about this player or the other NOT starting. Really? I don't give a rat's ass who's not starting as long as the team is winn...
Now the seniors aren't playing. What will it be when they rtn from injury. 🤷
7 months ago
Not true, we have carva marcelo and varane rtn and will be fully 100% fit. We'd be missing yes the same 3 but at least I want to see if Solari is intelligent en...
Yeah and that's put this def under pressure for yrs. Think because a few game winning/saving goals clears him of ALL the shite he's done to cost this team?? Thi...
Always Ramos. Always!!!! ball on the wing with 4 Madrid defs watching and dumbass Ramos joins in FOR what??? He made 5 and the celta player ghosts in to score. ...
We've always made good signings it's always been the coach that hasn't given them the opp to help the team. We are now in a sit that both r and lb are now out a...
Convince me when we play celta sunday. Playing a stronger team away will show how mentally and physically stronger these guys are getting themselves back to. Th...
Will continue to monitor the idiot comments posted here from you guys about the same player when he doesn't perform.
Can't win a league with tiring players. we have a weak squad.
Wait who do you ever see here rejoicing at sponsorship deals? We don't care about that. RN F.Perez is the main reason this team never challenges for titles at a...
🤣, 1 game?? Seriously????
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