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Too bad I couldn't make it for this tourney.Will be available from April 4th. probably in time for the enxt tourney.
2 days ago
For all piers morgan haters lol njoy
6 days ago
That's what happens when you are a spectator for almost the entire season.
Guys, What's your opinion on Theo's contract extension?Should we negotiate and tie him up for 5 years? I still feel he is valuable to us. If you are against h...
Who is this City saying ? You mean fans ? Its absolute b******s if they think Chelsea doesn't deserve to win. Team with the most points at the end of the season...
I won't feel too bad for gunners. Atleast we get to watch a team play 80% of games each season with style.Only frustration would be not winning the big games. B...
1 week ago
I won't get to play until Friday. Consider my the second game with Theo as no show. Theo deserved it anyways
Argentina vs England - Absolute Cracker . Wish I had Beckham :( to take revenge!
Idea sounds good to me.Only thing I would add is we should debate on which teams should be in group 1 and group 2. Utd should be in group 1 maybe?
2 weeks ago
@BLuff :JosephDean ragequit on me around the 80th min lol I was up 3-0 .
Oops I meant 4th place goes to goal difference*
JosephDean is a rage quitter . I should have got more goals.If battle for 4th place goes to GD I will blame it on him lol
@BluffMaster I also recommend smaller tourneys. Additionaly each player cannot play with the same team for the next 5 tourneys atleast or soemthing.
Lol? First get past Blackburn AND Villa
Well thats how it is in real life too right ? Parma is on the verge of going into administration. IF thats the scenario , remaining fixtures will be taken as l...
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