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What happened to steven Gerrard? Haven't heard anything of him this season
6 years ago
He WAS offside... The highlights don't show it very well but i think the confusion stems from the fact that messi was onside when pedro took the shot however t...
7 years ago
Completely disagree! I heard a goood saying, I can't remember who said it but it went something like this: 'the harder i train, the luckier i get.' There are...
2 minute highlights is very disappointing for a match that went on for 135 minutes
Can someone clarrify, Was gallas playing upfront or summing. The number of times I saw him in a strikers position was ridiculous - for a center back anyway o...
Yes, Ibra is a very goood player. He's a very good player in a very good team. Barca is a team with the ability to produce goals from a variety of players. Bar...
Inter didn't beat barca with 10 men, the match ended 1-0, Inter won by aggregate
Yeah, you might be right in some way, but ah, i think you're forgetting the last time these two met. . .or maybe you dont know about it. hehe anyways i respect ...
8 years ago
Barcelona play Arsenal on Wednesday. arsenal are a much tougher side and you may argue that it's a more important match hence Messi will have been rested to ens...
Despite the penalty, xabi had a really good match. A goal and an assist is evidence that he made the difference in this match despite his mistake. Real Madrid ...
If the discussion is about who is the most complete player, I have to say it's neither messi nor Ronaldo. Messi and Ronaldo are amazing attacking players (keyw...
That's a bit unfair on valdes. Those 2 shots were one of ones that left him exposed. Also, they were both very good finishes by the attackers.
It's called match of the day and it shows and analyses highlights of the premier league matches It's shown on saturdays and sundays usually around 10pm. It's ...
I can't really comment on Carrager's performance because I haven't followed his performances that closely but at the end of the day... football is a TEAM GAME
Don't be so quick to judge. He had a bad game.
If you think luck hates you then you need to see some liverpool highlights
He did not barely touch him. there was clear contant. Definitely no intent though but from a referee's perspective, an elbow to the face is always a red card.
Riise's goal for goal of the week, really? I know you support Roma and you're quite clearly biased. Del Pierro's goal was very much the goal of the match. The d...
I find it bemusing to see that there are 569 people who voted wigans performance as 'awesome' Is this sarcasm?
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