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Wow what an ambitious plan!! Just try to get the CL spot, that would be a miracle ! (Le stade des lumieres en ligue 2 hahahah)
6 years ago
Yeah, lucky win for the "lyonnaises". hopefully they wont get away like that in all of the remaining games...
Ok, lo siento que era un error tipográfico. Le he preguntado si usted estaba en la foto, se ve como una imagen profesional de la revista, ¿es esto realmente?
7 years ago
"Who cares about what happened fifty years ago?" the 100th derby ? 50 years ago? hahahah you're just a tool!
So what? Who cares about what happened fifty years ago? I live in the present, and that is what I care about. Anyway, stop talking to me. I prefer talking to so...
Hola Mejay, me pregunto si eres tú, por lo general las personas se ponen en sus fotos de perfil y no otra persona ;-)
Talking about actions ?? where you on the field at St-Etienne during the derby ? did you play ? haha what a dummy! besides for the record, St-Etienne still ahea...
Yes the germans, the french, Portuguese, and the dutch have strict financial rules so the clubs are financially sound. But at the end of the day only the Spanis...
I've never seen anyone this stupid. Remember the 4-1? Actions speak louder than words. You are 7th, while we are 4th. It looks more likely that you will be the ...
Haha death to OL !!!! Evil Club... OL land in Ligue 2 mouhahahahha
Is that you on the profile pic ?
Why exactly did you enlist me as your rival? I never did anything to you. No wonder why Les Gones' fans hate you!
Haha mes Lyonnaises, c'est bientôt la fin... ça va être chaud pour la Champions league, perso je prefèrerai Rennes car il pratique un plus beau football mou...
The only Italian guy in this team is Ranochia and he manages to score a own goal... We really need to fix the big clubs finances to reward the football schools ...
Where is Davies?
Haha les lyonnaises, je vous avez dit qu'il y avait de la fessee dans l'air a Madrid...
I'm sorry but I don't see MU going anywhere in this competition...
Yet another decisive referee blunder on Eto'o first goal. When we gonna put this dam video in Football?
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