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Football, Holland, Brazil, Spain and Feyenoord. And a bit if Barça!!! Messi, RVP, Bergkamp, Van Nistelrooij and Cruijff.
Christiano Ronaldo (to much of an EGO) and people who dislike Holland!
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Hey thanks for adding buddy.. i'm a huge oranje supporter coz i'm half dutch myself. hopefully they will win the next euro championship :)
7 years ago
YEAHHHH, after 32 years we're there again. Good match by Uruguay, real fighters they are. Don't know what a lot of people are crying about, but the Dutch deser...
Funny Belgian guy, rivals? You aren't even there.... I would support Belgium if Holland didn't qualify.....But that's a bit unrealistic hehe :) No offence haha...
Love the Germans play in style on the moment, but in my opinion Holland is just in 3th gear maybe 4th. What if they step it up in 6th gear, I know they can. Wou...
You just like to misread my comments. I never said Spain is easy and Holland easier. I said Spain is harder to beat than Holland and if you can't look at this s...
Again, you really are making me laugh ;)
Calling you arrogant because of the fact you're calling Spain an easy opponent and Holland easier. Second, it's a team sport (and a mental game), and i'm pretty...
Dude, seriously... What´s arrogant about saying Spain is harder to beat than Netherlands? You're a hopeless fanboy, if you can't take any criticism about your ...
Let Holland win it for ones......
Let's go Oranjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Funny guy you are...... Be a sportsman and take you're defeat like a man. Put on some true comment that you can blame Brazil players for your loss. The Dutch we...
Funny guy!!! Laughing my ass off.... haha
YEAH! Holland! I'm rooting for the Netherlands ALL THE WAY! 2 Cool votes for you man.
Haha, Germany trashing the Dutch??? No way......
Damn, loving the comment you gave.
Hey, congrats to your team.. although it was heartbreaking to see my favorite team lose, I am just very happy to see Brazil and KaKa play in my first world cup ...
A possible upcoming epic final. Holland-Germany. Frekking impressive German side this game, congratz from Holland.
Was a good game, to bad one of the sides had to go home. Hope to see Kaka shine at Real next season together with Van der Vaart. Grtz From Holland
Hehe, not that worried. We've got some things to set straight with the Germans if we make it to the final and the Germans do. Would be an epic match. Btw die ...
Lol haha I only watched the first half where Brazil was dominating and I had to go to the university, didn't get to see the -second half. Lucky holland with the...
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