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The team changed after the win at Bayern last season. Going back to that point Arsenal are the inform team in the league, when Ozil was not with the team as yet...
RESPONSE TO YOUR COMMENT ON THE CHELSEA VS BENFICA THREAD : What exactly have Arsenal done? Without Chelsea's last 2 triumphs in Europe, Germany would've sta...
How so? congrats and all that but you should win it hands down. You still got knocked out of the CL early out. I am not hating but I think that comment i...
No one at Arsenal needs to be blamed for the current lack of trophies, I would put that more on some of the players who did not fight to the end. What has happe...
Well, you have a right to your opinions but also respect how Arsenal supporters feel. These dismissive comment's and "get over it" comments don't do that. No...
Sturridge? Sturrigde was hardly playing and went to a team that had less of a chance of winnig anything. Talk about apples and oranges.
How do you know what the issue was with Rooney? you don't. That is just speculation, so the abuse was unwarrented, by "some" of the United supporters. The is...
That comment was not realistic, it was a joke. He put the team down when the team played well. How was United half asleep, United were being outplayed, credit A...
I don't know why you should feel any other way, if Rooney wanted to leave, but "some" United supporters abused him. Arsenal supporters are not upset because ...
Boy you United supporters are something else. RVP left only for trophies? if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you? What does Rooney and RVP being a d...
Koscielny is a beast!
I wish United supporters would move with these kind of comments. When Rooney wanted out, you guys carried on way worse. Remember that and move with the self rig...
Http:// "We were in front within two minutes thanks to a beautifully worked "on side goal...
No, what has Sagna done wrong recently? Sagna starts, Jenks will have his time to shine.
It makes me laugh when people say that RVP was at Arsenal for long. That is true but he did not play a lot. RVP had one full season with The Arsenal, that it. ...
Fergie and they had the best chances with a few headers. I am not sure how he worked that out as if a saved or wide header it is different from a shot that is s...
I agree with 4ever, the young man played well and has been playing quite well of late. SW, he was not the only one who gave the ball away.
I wish Arsenal could be rid of supporters like this guy. This is the type of cancerous attitude that is doing the team no favours.
BenHall, so what you are saying is that the two offside goals mean nothing? Surely you that is very different being 1 down to 3 down?
5 years ago
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