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NO, it's actually pretty sweet. Your profile pic suggests you yourself are a big fan of biting ...
Rooney at the heart of everything in this half.
2 weeks ago
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1 month ago
We were just left speechless!
Happy Birthday from international space station!
It'd be more difficult to score 3 against 10 men tbh. They'll pack the defence.
Awful time to concede! With this type of finishing I can't see us score another 3
Haha Sir Alex Loved that!!!
^ was thinking the same. That right flank is so out of sync today though
^ and we call Memphis, Januzaj, and Lingard talents Coman one goal and assist in champs league against last year runners up and he is only 19.
Why would Jesus have any authority at arsenal?!
DUDE if this is your real life transfer list then what do you actually do in FIFA?!
No. No one said "lvg in" Dom
Soooo no one is going to comment on how NZLfootballer said "fellow Manchester United legends doing well" ??!!
2 months ago
Based on hard facts
Question is whether we are going to follow up on them in the summer window. No marquee signing but some potential in there. Tired of chasing wild geese tbh.
^ You are right so just focus on the first joke
Yeah cause Rooney's family is really living paycheck to paycheck
3 months ago
Homer Simpson! He ought to be looking for something for after retirement.
Add Benzema to that list. We were after him before he went to Real. Same goes for Thiago and Bale.
^ Champions league at our expense! ARE YOU f*****g NUTS?!!! All other teams can go to hell for all I care
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