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Flattering scoreline! 50/50 on possession and 4/3 on shots on target. Still, nice to see Inter and Rafa doing well. As long as Moratti lets him nowhere near th...
7 years ago
What the... I thought they were going to be showing be football clips. That'd be a good show, I think there used to be something on TV at about three in the mo...
Wikipedia: "He made his league debut on 11 September 2010, starting in a home 2-0 defeat against recently promoted Hércules, marking the first defeat at Cam...
Mourinho isn't a defensive manager, he's a successful manager. If he has to defend to win a game (e.g. vs. Barcelona) he will, if he has to attack to win, he'll...
8 years ago
They've just spent the whole season playing the same 18 teams twice, but it's in a one-off match in which (by definition) they'll be up against completely diffe...
United are going to beat our record eventually (unless a lot changes this summer) - so why sacrifice our integrity just to delay the inevitable?
At least Martin Broughton sort of wins either way.
Haaa fail!
Milan went out to Manchester United, who are a bigger club, really.
WHAT?! Enjoying watching a team play doesn't mean you support them, you muppet. A couple of years ago I was impressed by Ronaldo at United, was I supporting him...
Why's the Ballon D'or exclusive to attacking midfielders and forwards? Of the above (and probably Xavi, Kaka and Drogba) one will be voted WC player of the tou...
Gerard Houllier won the treble and left Rafa with a Champions League winning team.
Two. He also passed to Veron when he was twenty five yards off his line.
Higuain's so good he even tucks it inside the post when there's an open net :P
Haha Domenech's still in charge?! :S
Why are the majority of fans voting that England were awesome?! We were outplayed in the first half (and this is a home game against Egypt) - Gerrard was slopp...
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