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LumpOfCelery (Ayyam Sobhan)
Matt (Matt Jackson) from St Julians, Malta
and England
In case you were wondering I was born in Southampton and lived there most my life. Hence my heart lies with a football team which seems keen on ripping it out.
Maximus19 (Max Aguila) USA
I've been playing soccer,Voetbol,or Calcio since 13. I've started late but Im very skilled and always cause a difference in game. My boys and I have led many victories and gave glr ...
Minadeo (Joseph Minadeo) from Port Washington, USA
Trying to stop yawning.....
Nintendoboy (Edgar)
Ive been a fan of club america since i was 9 its the most hated club in mexico but i love it. iam also an Arsenal fan. ive became an arsenal fan after 03/04 season when they went u ...
Film Director, Screenwriter, blerd (black nerd) & Humanist
Nyfloydart (Artur Mirzoyan) from New York, USA
NYGunners (Jelle Wagenaar)
I'm a big fan of ChelseaFC. My ever favorite footballer is Argentina Lion Messi. Someday I'd Like to see all these players at Stamford Bridge 1. J Hart 2. Sergio Ramos ...
Rachid (Rachid) from Charleroi, Belgium
Raj (Samburaj Das) from Bangalore, India
Editing my profile , one box at a time.Easy going,lethargic one day,pseudo-crackhead the other. Hit me on skype : sambdas
Robbery69 (Max Schmid)
Sam (Sam X) USA
and Italy
Senthil (Senthil Kumar) from Chennai, India
I was funny cool and sometimes be clever.i like chelsea very much from 12 yrs old.careless fellow, funny ,editing my profile whenever i get bored, giving slaps to younger bro's,moo ...
Sham34 (Sham34) England
Shearer99 (Sulkhan Nasareia) from Kutaisi, Georgia
Slimjjimi9 (Slimjims) USA
Kick4Life - changing lives through football