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Oh say can you see how HIGH Eddie Johnson gets on those headers?
Happy as I am to see this game is a win, we could have played better and Klinsmann's going to have to figure out what to do when Bradley can't play.
Very well officiated as opposed to the other match of the day... Arsenal shouldn't be too worried about Wigan midweek. They'll be emotionally exhausted and pr...
PassivityKills gave the Barcelona v Bayern München video a rating of 5
1. Now imagine how good Bayern are going to be when they add Mario Goetze! 2. Franck Ribery = man of the match? (I only watched the highlights but it looked l...
Apparently hip checks are now legal in soccer?
Gotta give Tevez props for his work rate on Nasri's goal. And the pass was phenomenal too. Not a City fan, but that goal is a great goal and lots of fun to wa...
PassivityKills thought the FC Basel v Tottenham Hotspur match was awesome
Yeah, Friedel was a very good goalkeeper in his prime but it is time for him to retire. He was out of position and he no longer has the reflexes and speed to m...
Depends on when you start the week. I'd go for Higuain's vs Levante against any other goal scored in the last 7 days.
What an amazing match! Too bad the highlights are so short. I was busy and couldn't watch. Seems like there was a lot that didn't make the cut of the highlig...
Not sure how you can vote a team "lucky" when they lose to a newly promoted side, lose an important player to injury, and have a goal scored against them which ...
Nice to see Sturridge fitting in at Liverpool, always thought he had a bit more talent than Chelsea were using, just young and unproven through lack of run-outs...
What a shame that our top scorer plays for West Brom. Lukaku has now scored more goals this season than anyone currently playing for the Blues.
Several instances of poor sportsmanship in this match, and still an awesome master class by CR7! I was surprised Celta played on with a Madrid player down, the...
I can't even begin to say how delighted I am at Nasri making such a fail attempt at a headbutt and getting ejected for it. On a scale of 1 to 10 his is a 1 and...
Both sides have legitimate reason to complain about the refereeing. Possible handball in the box, possible fouls in the leadup to both of City's first two goal...
PassivityKills gave the Swansea City v Manchester United video a rating of 5
Sir Alex says, "He could have killed him...." HOW? Soccer players intentionally hit harder hit balls than that with their heads all the time. How was van Per...
56 people who voted Chelsea rubbish and 30 who voted Aston Villa awesome? Probably the same one moron trying to yank everyone's chain.
Pretty sure Howard would have saved that a couple of years ago. He isn't getting younger.
Note to City - pay Joe Hart more. Great performance by him.
Shame Anderlecht were robbed of a place in the Europa league by an entirely bogus offside call on their first goal. Should have been 3-2.
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