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4 years ago
He _does_ get a tad excited, doesn't he?
Hometown refereeing strikes again. The first shout (handball) wasn't a penalty, but the second (the bodycheck) was.
It seems to me that the Magpies were relying a tad too much on the linesman's flag to do the defending for them...
5 years ago
Gawd, what brutal defending!! Did Ivanovic get paid off or something??
Nice game from the Gunners. The opening goal from Diame was a beauty, though...!
Somewhere on FootyTube
30 years old; two surgeries to the same knee in under a year... that might be it for Vidic...
Dear Hugo: surely you weren't expecting Brad Friedel to kiss your £12M a$$ immediately upon your arrival, were you...?
CR, Dude: I'm with Rexach on this one. You're arguably the best player in the world, with everything you've ever wanted. Suck it up and kick the ball.
CR's one of the best players in the world, playing for one of the best teams the football world has ever seen; he's winning trophies, scoring goals like crazy, ...
@10:50 - I don't speak Portuguese, but I think I know what CR is saying: "Shoulda gone first, dammit; I shoulda gone first..."
OK, I just did my homework (, and I'll eat some crow on this ...
6 years ago
A repost of my comment below: Navas was in an offside position (by a couple of feet at least) when the ball was played to Iniesta, and thus gained an unfair adv...
Navas was in an offside position (by a couple of feet at least) when the ball was played to Iniesta, and thus gained an unfair advantage which he used when Inie...
Spain were indeed lucky: Navas was offside by a yard when the ball was played forward to Iniesta, and they're far too good a team to need lucky goals like this...
Not a bad result for Canada, considering Honduras is one of the stronger sides in CONCACAF - but holy how, you guys....! You gotta finish your scoring chances!!...
Somewhere on FootyTube
"Barton is a liability." You don't say...!?
I don't think the level of the EPL has degraded much, if at all. Which would you prefer, Dan - a league with a competitive Top Six, any of whom could be vulnera...
Sorry, I posted before I heard the longer, English version of the highlights... Wasn't aware that Bassong had to be substituted. Man, what a lousy time to blow ...
Too bad for Wolverhampton - great fans, but woeful defending. What happened on the second goal? Did the defender pull up lame or something? He just let the ball...
That was no penalty, Mr. Dowd - methinks you have rocks in your eyes.
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