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This guy knows his adjectives!
5 years ago
Pique should have just gone home and cry for the rest of his life after what ronaldo did to him. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!
6 years ago
Bringing on chamakh and park when they need clutch players really shows the depth of this arsenal squad!! they need a serious bench makeover!! in other news, th...
Good game by napoli but the way their players were going down like they got shot and then getting back up the next second was a shame. typical italian.
^ or suarez could have just shook his hand like an adult.
L.O.L. looks like u need a buyers guide and not a manager!! "Proud clubs of winners" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. madrid is just a big bank account and nothing more than ...
Take him out of the team and u wont even have the one trophy ur "team" has won in like the last three or four years.. be gratefull that he plays for your team. ...
LOL at the people bitching abt the penalty. the game was done and dusted!!! The red card was harsh though
Valencia's shot was so digusting!!! and props to evra for not going down lika a little bitch in the build up for that frst goal. back on top where we belong!!!!...
Marquez is a dirty whore
How the f*** did walcott get through????????????
Ronaldo to kaka... kaka shoots.... goalllllllllllllll!!!! and then they hug... brought a tear to my eye
He has been taking hits for united for 21 years!!! give him a break and get off his nutts
DIVE MOTHERFUCKER DIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh btw.. u guys see rio and stevie G's interview at the end.. that is how the captains of the english el'clasico behave afte...
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@grinjo55 why does he have to tell that to other people??? because ignorant people like u seem to care more about what he says and all the negative s**t he doe...
Mancini isnt a coach hes a f*****g babysitter... cant handle his players.
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RICH - the guy makes almst 200k every week. HANDSOME - he has f****d over 16 international supermodels and still counting BRILLIANT -
True that!!! u took the words out of my mouth.... respect!!
That doesnt make him the best player in the world smartass...
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