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Surprised Jan wasn't Vice tbh. Fair enough though.
Rule 2.10 Announcement In accordance with Rule 2.10 of the City Code on Takeovers and Mergers (the "Code"), THFC confirms that, as at the close of business on 1...
Christ ok I'll answer you as I answered SpursTillIDie: I happen to think that we were fantastic against Sunderland. We shot ourselves in the foot due to our in...
1 day ago
Unfortunately then Roman would just point to the table.
2 days ago
I say Yes. I think he'll be our main striker next season.
Exactly, but with a secondary pair of centre-backs. Poch is going to be getting the players on triple sessions after Sunderland.
I think Lennon does deserve a start. We all want Lamela to be fantastic, so when he does pretty well, we go crazy saying "he's the new Bale" and such. He was al...
Our defence has been sorted out mate. Jan/Fazio Jan/Dier (when Walker is back) makes us look completely different :)
Haha is the case most times buddy
Sunderland had 1 shot on target. It was just s**t luck we've got to accept it. I'm very excited for the progression we've experienced
Hey lads, we're still above: Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton and United and equal with Champions City on points. And we haven't even clicked yet offensively or got ...
Ok I agree with a lot of what you say, however I think you're taking it to the extreme in some cases. Adebayor was better today, and seeing him taking some sho...
Why are some fans so fickle? Judging Kane's performance on a 10 minute cameo (in which he made 1 mistake) so drastically is unbelievable. Kane is a great prospe...
PeterzeGooner Kane has been in brilliant form recently.
3 days ago
THats just not true. We've just seen the most godawful portion of bad luck. The ref only started giving fouls in the last 5 mins, we hit the post twice. I'm so...
This referee may just cost us the 3 points.
Our centre-backs scare me so f*****g much its crazy. especially Vlad. Lamela having another poor game. I hate Seb Larrson. I hate everything about him.
Beautiful from Johnson and poor defending from us.
We are so bloody exciting to watch!
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