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Good point about Naughton (edited). Agree about Bentaleb and Holtby, although I'd say that with Capoue covering, Holtby can be given freedom to affect the gam...
5 hours ago
Right lads, the big question. What's everyone preferred team for the match against old arry? --------------------------------Lloris------------------ -Dier----...
7 hours ago
Weird... It feels like a different game to that piece of s**t I just watched. Honestly, that stream nearly drove me to an early grave.
None of these are working for me... hmmm
11 hours ago
8.30 minutes of Holtby at Spurs and Fulham last season. Its absolute rubbish that we're trying to sell him. No-one...
12 hours ago
Is that fair on Kane North? And it was Vertonghen, not Andros, that suggested Townsend could be as good as Bale.
Man how did you get that 1 hour and half before kick off? haha Solid team. looking forward to seeing Paulinho and Townsend, as well as Chadli and Dembele. COYS
13 hours ago
Kane: “When I was a bit younger, I thought defenders were a bit stronger in different aspects, but now I feel as I am as strong as any defender out there,”...
1 day ago
Everyone should read this
Don't worry Andros, we'll stand by you buddy #fuckoffSouthampton
Completely agree FayJay. Capoue's fitness was the only thing holding him back last season. I'd like to see him teamed with Dembele actually (imagine a forward-p...
Great quotes from Townsend. Man of the upcoming season I reckon (heard it here first) :)
3 days ago
1 week ago
Yeah man. This is only based on the game against Schalke. Rose was much better offensively and defensively and I expect him to start against West Ham. I still...
I'll leave it up to Mauricio haha.
Indeed Fayjay, lets wait and see :)
I agree, but lets not forget how few goals Southampton conceded last season. Perhaps AVB just got it a bit wrong.
A 'rash challenge' normally refers to a dangerous and clumsy challenge in my eyes. I don't have the definition, but that is how I see it. I was saying that I sa...
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