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Great article on Lennon's decline:
2 months ago
Its gonna be Pochettino. A few of many reasons why I'm happy: 1) High press. One of the main aspects of his management is his high-intensity training sessions ...
We've also signed this little star:
YES LLORIS!!!: "It's not me who makes it uncertain anyway. I feel very well at Tottenham," said Lloris. "It was a complicated year, but rich learning of a hum...
Just thought I'd show this again. Brilliant comedy with Eriksen, Kane and Holtby: And this:
I'll keep my mouth shut
I don't think he's anti Arsenal, neither do I think the FA are anti-Arsenal, Lee just choked and made alot of mistakes haha
I don't agree with the criticism of Rosicky, Sanogo and Szczeny, but you have to agree that what Wilshere did was pretty stupid.
Https:// Wilshere showing his class. How f*****g unprofessional.
I expect Pochettino to be appointed in a matter of days (at most a week). Levy obviously prefers him to de Boer (what's the point of having players that have ju...
Huge interview with Adebayor:
De Boer: “It seems obvious why I would want to stay at Ajax,” said De Boer. “If we can keep our team together, we can aim higher next season. “Then, d...
Asked about whether he's thinking of leaving Tottenham, Paulinho said: "Absolutely not. I know how to handle my career and it’ll take more than just one bad ...
I'm not going to lie, I would prefer Capoue to stay rather than Paulinho. I know that's saying a lot, but I see a helluva lot of potential in Etienne
Nowayout, mate you should post that set of gifs on other teams' forums, such great watching! I challenge someone to find me a better team goal (Barca anyone?) ...
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