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I play right wing for my state team. And that's pretty much it. Cake.
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Arsenal were drawing 1-1 and on course to go through when the ref decided to intervene into the matters.
6 years ago
I'd rather watch a league that is actually entertaining where every team scores lots of goals, rather than two teams just beating up on everyone else. =)
I feel bad for Ronaldo. No matter how well he plays, how hard he plays, Messi will always be a full step ahead of him. For me, only Zidane and Maradona were b...
Ruining the pitch just to stop the other team's wingers is absolutely disgraceful. But, I'm not complaining. =D
Kick Suarez out of football, he's ruining it. Cheating against Ghana, diving and crying, racially abusing players, and then snubbing handshakes. And he has t...
What are you talking about? Suarez is the Drama Queen. Evra was being mature about it, shaking hands with a person who racially abused him. Yet, Suarez had the ...
Can you save 15 percent or more on Geico Car Insurance? Does Jose Bosingwa have a unibrow?
Real Madrid got just as much help from the referee as Barca did.
Do Chelsea fans boo Torres? Do Liverpool fans boo Carroll? No. They encourage them and cheer them on. Not hurl swear words at them and boo them like the Arsenal...
Are you kidding me? Nani was effective as heck!
Pepe is the dirtiest player in the world. Also, the Madrid back 4 have proved yet again that they don't understand the offside rule.
What on Earth was Szczcesny doing on the third goal...
He's very good at dealing with crosses and one on ones, but his positioning is absolutely horrendous, as well as his ability for stopping long shots.
Why are people complaining about Johnson not getting a red after complaining that Kompany's tackle was OK? Two wrongs don't make a right.
We should vote Albrighton's goal as GOTW because it was the 20,000th in the Premier League.
Did everyone forget that Spain only scored 8 goals in 7 matches in the World Cup? Oh yeah, didn't they end up winning it?
Should've been a penalty at the end for Valencia. La Liga refs are cheats.
LOL! Not only that (read my below comment) he also changes his hairsttyle! It's spiky in the first half in this match and at Lyon, then a neat combover in the 2...
Why does Ronaldo wear full sleeves for the 1st half, then half sleeves for the second? He did the same thing against Lyon in the CL. Is it like some kind of su...
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