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Two words : Darren Fletcher. I'm not saying we would have won if he had played, but he definitely would have made a difference. Everyone knew that after '09 and...
7 years ago
Congratulations to City for making it to the Champions League. Nice to see a new English team every now and then, like Spurs this year. Lack of finishing was Sp...
Now I see why everyone thinks Howard Webb is a Manchester United fan. I actually think I caught a glimpse of a red jersey under his black t-shirt. Chelsea fan...
FFS. When will people realize that referees are just human beings ? People whining over the weekend now saying that justice was served !?!? Two wrongs definitel...
Thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious. I would have never known. Neither the highlights nor do the Match Statistics on the right show it. Focus on your t...
I'm still not convinced with our performance. Wigan were a legitimate threat on many occasions. Definitely one of those games where the scoreline does not refle...
It will indeed be a sad day for football when VDS retires
I don't know if it's just me but has anyone else notice that the past 2 years at least we've been doing a lot of back-passing to our goalkeeper ?
Yes I'm sure he was encouraging his teammates. I bet he was saying something like "Come on guys. We didn't manage to score for 90 minutes. We can pull off a dra...
Why is Zanetti clapping after Bayern scored ?
Why people keep mentioning Manchester United was lucky is beyond me. You say lucky as if Crawley was bombarding us with shot after shot and just never got the g...
It's people like you who give Manchester United fans a bad name. No joke. The penalty was harsh. I actually like Luiz. You can tell he's a great kid and a great...
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