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The Oldlady is on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!...Keep it burnin guys...We are about to bring the Scudetto to Ashessssssss!...
11 months ago
Truly a LEGEND! we are going to miss you in La liga!..
12 months ago
@ Spigy...Passe(ssssssssssss)....Congratulations!..=D
A very Surprising win...not because Juve` cant beat Lazio ..but because the aweful prep games result that came before this game...TBH I had doubts watching this...
1 year ago
HIGHLY overrated!....
Madder...ROTFL!...That was soooooo straighforward and bulls eye to the point that needs to be taken in consideration!...But we still hope Juventus runs for Suar...
Forza Juve` ...Long live the Bianconerris!...4 more points out of 5 matches and the Scudetto is OURS!...and what a shot by Arturo..eeeeh!...Top net...thats one ...
I dont know whether Suarez should go see a Shrink or go see a Nutritionist!...
I miss Romario, Ronaldo, Bebeto and all those Legendary strikers that I'm worried Brazil wont be ablt to produce that quality of players back again!...
Aweful Defending by Brazil!... still need more games to get used to each other on the back line there...Midfield is not doing a good job holding the ball...and ...
I wonder if Barcelona would put Villa on the market!...He would be an excellent choice for us @ Juve`....And Congrats for my Old Lady....this winter has became ...
Well that is what seems to be the type of issues that Barca dont want to fall in ; the solution was by creating the Messaiah!...to norture the youth and bring o...
It all comes to whom laughs last...and our JUVE` have proved us right once again for us to keep that flame of hope burning and let that star of us shine as brig...
That should give the players a good motivation to play harder...or maybe a distraction to get a HARD on...=P... Visca Catalans!...
The Best Comeback moments for ManU this season...what a. unexpected Late minutes Drama!...Go REDS!..
Forza Juve`....we need a STRIKER! SOOOOOOOOOOOON!.....and Hope that we beat Shakhtar away at Donetsk!....
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