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@kidulthood that is absolute rubbish. Every team has a history. Even the teams like blackburn and wigan have history despite not having trophies. There is no te...
6 years ago
Well said...on to the final we come!
F**k all of you ignorant Barcelona fans first and foremost. After the first leg many of you were saying wait til Camp Nou. You guys were claiming 5-0 6-0 wins f...
Arsenal is a disgrace to england... I have never seen a team that loves to give away goals so close to the final whistle
7 years ago
If you watched the replay, he stepped on him on purpose, so villa was not acting. I just think it was the heat of the game that made him step on villa's leg. Ot...
Sometimes I really believe that you can't say messi is better than Ronaldo. Messi is a fantastic player. I'll give him that, for a little guy he always keeps th...
Truly one of the best wingers/midfielders of all time
I don't understand how you were robbed. 2-1 was a fair result. There is no disputing David Luiz's goal and the penalty may have been soft but a penalty is a pen...
Dirk Kuyt is definitely one of the most consistent players in the world
To all who bring up Drogba's offside goal last season when we beat Man U, you should not also forget that the goal you managed to score was the result of Machea...
I'm gonna be honest and say after watching this match Chelsea did not deserve to win, coming from a chelsea fan, although I think a draw would have been a fair ...
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