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This is so tragic. I loathe people who speed on public roads. There are speed limits in place place for a reason and when people blatently disregard them especi...
2 weeks ago
I'm shocked!!! Southampton have the most expensive cups of tea...
3 weeks ago
No this is Patrick!
1 month ago
Souness "Jamie, could you remove your hand from mine please?"
"This is how you score with the ball!!!"
In a perhaps questionable tactical move Guardiola substitutes himself into the game under the guise of Pizarro.
I can't say I'm a fan of the new cast for the chuckle brothers. "To me, why always me" just doesn't sound right.
Watch as the owl eyes up the small rodent atop Sterlings head.
Brenden "right lads we've drawn Chelsea on the cup so you know the drill. Just like Madrid, lie on your back put your arse in the air and prepare to get f****d"
Charming lol
I feel violated.
Controversial debate time Gerrard in his prime or Lampard in his prime, who was better? Go!!!
@Kipoon I wouldn't wish it on anyone lol
Can't beat Burnley but can beat the league leaders. Good ol' Newcastle...
I don't think anyone was saying that we played like Madrid. Anyone can see that performance was nothing close to that. We parked the bus and countered to effect...
P.s we played city and beat them :)
Maybe because we played with what we had and executed it to success? Don't be so bloody bitter, give us some credit for what we accomplished today.
Cheers mate, in all honesty I didn't see that coming but pretty chuffed none the less. Hopefully it won't affect your form over the season.
Good game guys, don't think any of us were expecting that result. Good luck for the season (still fancy you to win it)
You talked it up.
1 year ago
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