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Awful player, totally overrated. #messiout
4 days ago
Zabaleta may well have just cost City any chance of a come back there. Incredibly silly challenge. Edit lucky Zabaleta...
That wasn't pleasant to watch from alba there
Pique again.
Why does everyone knock James Milner so much? He's such an underrated player.
Who called the Suarez hat trick?
Why did you feel you had to step in though? I'm not entirely sure what your intentions were by bringing Messi into it but as I already pointed out, all it resul...
5 days ago
I also just want to add that in my opinion it's incidents like this which are reducing the popularity of this website. If you can't post a video on your own tea...
@Chelsea61 I don't mean to point fingers but there was no dispute here until you decided to bring up Messi. Bringing him into the discussion in a derogatory m...
Any player who writhes around the floor in agony when they're not actually injured should be disgusted with themselves. They give the sport a bad name.
6 days ago
Incredible run, fully deserving of the ballon d'or.
Just gonna put it out there, that City game was an absolute embarrassment. Much improvement needed for the remainder of the season.
Southampton didn't get 3...
When we lose we do it in style.
1 week ago
Potential legbreaker from Verratti there. Nasty little bugger him.
Anyone else getting a little annoyed with verratti?
I guess we'll agree to disagree. Knowing my luck he'll probably pop up with a goal in the second half lol.
Hence why he probably shouldn't be first choice for such a big game. I'm sure Mourinho knows what he's doing but I would have left him out for this one.
He is correct though, Costa's passing and hold up play haven't been up to his usual standard so far.
1 year ago
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