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He just wanted payback for Hazard raping him in the premier league last month.
1 month ago
Team I support: Newcastle Best player: Krul Worst player: Obertan Best young player: Dummett Best signing: Remy Worst signing: De Jong Most overrated pla...
I think the majority of footytube users are unfortunately resigned to the fact that this forum is never going to return to its former glory mag. Its a shame bec...
2 months ago
I don't think Ashley was too keen on selling him to a rival for a Europa League spot anyways :p
Haha its cool either way, in fairness most of them are ours :L
3 months ago
The fact this is written in Caps means it will definitely happen.
A joke about Newcastle and france??? I've never heard such a thing before, how original! :p
4 months ago
No one else gonna mention the elephant in the room? Okay then...why are Manchester United currently deemed more realistic that the likes of Southampton or New...
Didn't he start against you?
Not bad for a "wee club"
The third goal would be my choice, sublime bit of skill and phenomenal finish.
I think I probably misread it tbh, if so my bad lol. Either way, Cleverly has a great future ahead of him. This talk of him being more unsuitable or being surp...
5 months ago
Tbh, after last season we're just pretty happy to be back in the top half of the table lol.
Carrick is a useless midfielder? This is news to me...
Well it seems obvious to me that Cloudst wrote the article, how else would the world know about these young talents?
I'll have you know we're a proud footballing nation!
Agreed SS, I may sound cynical here but I feel racism will probably be an issue associated with football for many years to come. Stamping it out entirely may pr...
It would need to be a unanimous decision for world football in order to really be consistent. I would love to see how this effective this would be in footballin...
6 months ago
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