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*Hands jeroen salt and pepper*
1 day ago
I doubt Sevilla wouldn't put on a good fight. Whoever it is, we are capable of winning or losing against :D
Started watching at '60. oh my.... at least you can't blame the players for looking uninterested
2 weeks ago
One of the craziest games I've seen
Think of the amount of cash bringing in Bolt will bring
3 weeks ago
I think their two goals are more their achievements rather than our failure. Of course the players could've done better in both situations, but all in all I tho...
1 month ago
Mor while having played pretty good, has failed miserably in front of the keeper several times
Anyone watching? Penalties it is! The combination of Ramos' and Castro's goal scoring skills does not amount to much!!!
We are playing ridiculously bad
Yeah Götze did good in making the first goal, but how would you rate the rest of his performance? I'd say pretty shitty. We were big time lucky, and again Aub...
We are quite lucky up until now I would day. Now being the second half. What a goal from Weigl!
Oh and how bad was Gõtze. Seems like a huge flop until now
What did you guys think of Merino?
Wait.... WHAT?!
Ask yourself this, when was the last time we took advantage of Bayern losing points? We always end up losing point ourselves in the last seasons whenever they d...
2 months ago
Wasn't our day at all. In the few good chances we had, we failed miserably. Leverkusen played super aggressive yes avoided a red card. Dembélé has one of the ...
Yes, having Ginter is a bit error prone and being the last man on the field probably isn't a role suited for him. Guerreiro is excellent indeed. What a change ...
@NZLfootballer A United legend? didn't he "blackmail" (on 2 occasions even) United by holding off contract talks for more money and threatening to join City?
17-1 last three games... *insert 'not bad' meme*
Heavy rotation? Name me one succesful team that rotated so heavily. Closest I can think of is Heynckes' Bayern I suppose, but then also not as much as we would ...
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