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Absolutely disgraceful 2nd half performance. We should have scored 3 more goals at least if it wasn't for some players' selfishness (Ramos, Auba) Miki completel...
12 hours ago
You received our best player and turned him into a bench warmer. I don't blame Manchester for this predicament though. Shinji can only blame himself. Hopefull...
23 hours ago
Http://m.goal.com/s/en/news/5066856?ICID=HP_HN_4 Is goal but..
1 day ago
I should change my user name to 'broken record'
4 days ago
Can't we swoop in for Kagawa? He's not even used in United while players who are not fit to cut his toenails are starting every match.. How far you've sunk Shi...
5 days ago
2 weeks ago
*OFFTOPIC* Need help to find the official rules for tackles: I played football today, and at one point of the game, I kneed the ball to a team mate, which led ...
Let me just take a quick glance at my CRYSTAL BALL....
3 weeks ago
Nothing against you guys but I guess I'm too much of a "Rodger's Liverpool" fan to wish Dortmund would sign Countinho, Sturridge or Sterling. I guess this way...
1 month ago
Biting is definitely abnormal. But has kicking/headbutting/shouldering your opponent so normal that in our eyes, these offences deserve considerably softer puni...
2 months ago
True Tomikato.. And after endless discussions over this matter in footytube and in 'real life' it never gets any less sad
^ and how does it feel watching that very same team getting dismantled the following summer? I'd hate to be a Southampton fan these days. But who am I kiddin...
Yes that is true but wouldn't you say a kung fu kick to the mid body area and a headbutt to the chest is somewhat more violent and potentially dangerous to the ...
In my opinion Suarez is getting too hard of a punishment.. Yes he did something disgraceful. But so did Zidane, Cantona and many others yet they are remember...
" unprovoked assault occasioning bodily harm." Bodily Harm? Wtf are you on about? He bit him, didn't bite anything OFF! In football there are MUCH worse actual ...
"Controversy (Greece Penalty?)" Bullshit. It was much more of a penalty than the first penalty in the first game of the tournament given to Brazil (against Croa...
FML this scandal already at the first gane of the competition. Sometimes i wonder why i even watch football.. is it fifa corruption? personal bias of the ref? i...
Do Juve really not want him? I saw the game with the 4 goals against Milan (not that Milan have the best defense in the world now-days) and it was quite impress...
3 months ago
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