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I think this game proved to be more painful than other games.. In a way. Finally we were attacking well, scoring goals, only to concede such absolutely shamefu...
3 days ago
The team's form is affecting this forum! *ba dum tssss* But seriously.. Juventus.. Just our luck. Arsenal get an easier draw than us (Monaco) by finishing secon...
5 days ago
This is a football nightmare.. Our season can't turn for the better in one game. Something is fundamentally wrong about our whole squad. Weer started out horri...
1 week ago
Schieber scores against us.. Unbelievable
If we tie this, are we on second place?
Yes that is very unfortunate. However you have to say that Hoffenheim deserved a penalty late in the game (that tackle by Subotic). plus Kehl could've seen a ...
2 weeks ago
Mike of you see a photo of the incident, it is clearly visible that one doesn't not have to be injury prone to succumb to an injury from that tackle
4 weeks ago
And in the very same game some douchebag injures him again.. Should've been red
Een beetje laat maar toch wel gefeliciteerd Jeroen!
1 month ago
I find it a bit ridiculous that you, a person I've never seen on this forum and having a Chelsea next to your name is using we and us when referring to z dortmu...
Kagawa had been nothing* but exceptional, so unless you're excluding him for him to rest, I would definitely put him on there.
2 months ago
I respectfully disagree Mike. There is certainly effort from the players, there is just no connectivity. I think that you take it a step too far by saying the p...
What's happening to us? It's not one player's fault. We're just playing bad with no cohesiveness and zero harmony
Relatively weak squad. Hope we can win this!
3 months ago
Oh crap.. Back four Kehl Jojic Kevin miki auba Ramos ?
Annnd Kagawa limps off :/
@MU4E1999 that was definitely even more impressive than his goal
Grosskreutz - STRIKER - Kagawa -> GOAL!!
That goal is due mostly to Shinji!
Tin Jedvaj (of Leverkusen) is quite a talented RB. 18 years of age. (watching the Leverkusen Werder match)
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