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Best 45 minutes I've seen us play this season in the league, yet nothing to show fir it! Auba is having a Giroud!! 15 shots, 6 of them on target. Unbelievable ...
11 hours ago
I agree about weidenfeller he simply has to go.. I think I would give Langerak a decent run of games to prove himself and buy another talented keeper to give h...
17 hours ago
Piszczek out for up to 6 weeks....
2 days ago
It's true that they're capable Jeroen but all 4 have almost zero match fitness. I thought it was a weird line up
4 days ago
Kuba, Kirch, Immobile, Mickey.. All of them played for large periods of the match. Was Klopp really treating this like a B-rated game?
So frustrating.. I'm assuming you're watching the Barca game? If so, then you should realise that for their second goal, juventus weren't even close to our goal...
I don't mind slanting Roman.. First goal - je should've done way better with clearing that not so powerful shot... Second goal - a juve player gets the ball, ...
Weidenfeller and our defence are ruining this evening
Who let this guy in here?
5 days ago
We scored from a corner once (2 games ago) in this season.. And before that also not so much. Looking forward to the fixture
1 week ago
Great win and comeback. Really sloppy goals we let in... I'd say the first goal conceded was more of a fluke and mostly down to Subotic's failure to clear the b...
2 weeks ago
From CL finalist, to this
3 weeks ago
Oh yeah.. If we're ever a goal behind, the last person who should be lunching long balls is Subotic
I can't think of anything to say..
'Iron Maiden live in Dortmund' featured on this page :P
1 month ago
No matter what the future holds for him football-wise, as long as he's in Dortmund, this guy is a legend: http://www.goal.com/en/news/15/germany/2015/01/19/811...
We signed Kampl? http://www.goal.com/en/news/11/transfer-zone/2014/12/22/7323402/borussia-dortmund-sign-kampl?ICID=HP_BN_2
2 months ago
I think this game proved to be more painful than other games.. In a way. Finally we were attacking well, scoring goals, only to concede such absolutely shamefu...
The team's form is affecting this forum! *ba dum tssss* But seriously.. Juventus.. Just our luck. Arsenal get an easier draw than us (Monaco) by finishing secon...
This is a football nightmare.. Our season can't turn for the better in one game. Something is fundamentally wrong about our whole squad. Weer started out horri...
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