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WTF is up with the linesman? So many bad calls against us.... unbelievable! Also a penalty on Mikhi. I think it was pretty clear as day Hope this doesn't cost u...
10 hours ago
I saw most of it. Was boring as hell. No creativity. We hit the post twice but surely we should have done better against such a weak side? Mats continues with ...
3 days ago
I've been watching Firminho for a good few seasons now as a bundesliga fan. When I heard he joined Liverpool I knew it was a great acquisition. But people weren...
6 days ago
Hummels was clearly intoxicated. auba too
1 week ago
It's alright. During the international break there's no conversations at all on this forum ;)
2 weeks ago
I'm surprised each time I see how skinny "that kid" Weigl is. He's so scrawny, which would suggest lack of power, presumably a big disadvantage to a midfielder,...
3 weeks ago
Shinji-san! I love to see him score
1 month ago
Since when did Jeroen become a troll or was he always one? :P Yeah Gonzaga, more rotation would be a welcome sight.. Especially versus teams like Qabala from v...
Our best line up against Qabala? Really? :|
Still, leaving tactics out, personal mistakes were a big reason for our undoing
What would you say about Tuchel today Jeroen?
What a disappointment Tuchel: what was with the weird experimental line up? Buruki: What's with the silly mistake the lead to the first goal? Really left us t...
Lol us
Corona isn't bad Mike. Besides, aren't you from the land of piss beers, aka the US of A? :P
El kloppo with a sombrero. I can see that just fine
2 months ago
Europa league exit is for third place....
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