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I'm not saying he's not at fault or that he did excellently while the rest disappointed him. Not at all. I'm saying that he was probably disappointed by the ent...
Who else thinks our loss to Liverpool was the straw that broke the camel's back in Hummel's decision to leave? Let's put aside the fact that he's leaving to Ba...
3 days ago
Götze transfer still the worst. Youth player, left club when the club was in the semi finals of champion's league. After winning two years in a row the Bundesl...
5 days ago
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd our football fate is sealed. We will never become the best if our best players and in this case the freaking captain keep leaving us...
Judging by our performance that night it would seem our players were the ones on drugs but then crack cocaine
1 week ago
^ Definitely nice to see. Pulisic is doing pretty damn good. A true go getter
If Mikhi leaves we are absolutely fudged. He's way too valuable for us
Also, I think you hit the nail on its head with what you said about or system. If a player breaks away from our pressure which usually includes 3 players surrou...
Yeah Mike.. any feeling of confidence in our defense has shattered away after the Liverpool game. Nothing will surprise me anymore. Any now it seems that we co...
He's a goner for sure. But what about Hummels?! I really want to hear good news about him. We are definitely worse defensively without him. He is the captain. H...
2 weeks ago
For sure! Ramos has improved immensely from last season. I started watching the game with a very sour taste still lingering after Liverpool. But you see the fa...
That's true Jeroen. Pulisic is a refreshing sight. I've got hopes for him.
We won against Hamburg. yay
I don't usually agree with Mike's harsh words. This time I think he's putting it mildly even. So so so so bad.
I knew it. Game over
Maybe we go through, maybe not. One thing is for sure. We seriously lack character and resolution
Looking much better for you at the moment
Super sayan world beater Borussia
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