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I'm sorry MU4E1999, I know you mean well but I have to say it out straight: United will never use Kagawa to his maximum potential as United's playing style is s...
8 hours ago
If it's not our players United are going after then it's our managing staff.. Absolutely disgraceful....
@Cheshire Lewa and Gundogan were definitely not home grown. Gotze joined Dortmund at age 8 and Reus also grew up in Dortmund, left when he was 17 y/o.
5 days ago
Nope nope nope. Götze would still be worse. Not that that wouldn't be second worst in football history
In my opinion "worse than Götze" doesn't exist in the history of football, nor will it in the future. But that's my opinion of course ;)
6 days ago
Cheers buddy
Does anyone know when the final of dfb pokal is?
Here's an hypothesis: What if the club didn't want to sign Gundogan further than 2016 because they're worried if Ilkay will ever get back to his old self skillw...
1 week ago
Mkhitaryan = REINVENTED
Best of luck!!! I hope this year is Liverpool's year. Liverpool is the first club I truly supported (at age 11) but since a few years ago i've stopped (along wi...
Haven't watch the whole first half but i saw about 3 shoulderballs that Bayern players were calling for and one real handball (Goëtze with Grosskreutz)
Ehhh... Am I the only one around here (and around the Bayern forum) that's quite excited about today's clash? I really hope for a win
2 weeks ago
Bravo on our effort. But Micki.. He should be sold just for that miss. MY f*****g GOD he could've even took another whole SECOND and aimed better infront of an ...
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
He has a point though. Every Chelsea win, every trophy, is tainted with oil money. You can justify this to yourselves in countless of ways, but in the end it's ...
This is getting ridiculous. After 70% of the games in UCL this season, the main talking point is the referee. Even if most of these decisions "even out" as peop...
That shove... ;)
Let's just hope they don't pull a Hamburg on us :P
I really want to believe that if Kagawa DOES leave United, it will be only to us. I just don't think he'll be leaving them...
When I realized my mistake, I first sobbed, secondly screamed up to the sky with my arms in the air (like I just don't care), continued by slapping my self unti...
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