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Kagawa had been nothing* but exceptional, so unless you're excluding him for him to rest, I would definitely put him on there.
3 days ago
I respectfully disagree Mike. There is certainly effort from the players, there is just no connectivity. I think that you take it a step too far by saying the p...
2 weeks ago
What's happening to us? It's not one player's fault. We're just playing bad with no cohesiveness and zero harmony
Relatively weak squad. Hope we can win this!
1 month ago
Oh crap.. Back four Kehl Jojic Kevin miki auba Ramos ?
Annnd Kagawa limps off :/
@MU4E1999 that was definitely even more impressive than his goal
Grosskreutz - STRIKER - Kagawa -> GOAL!!
That goal is due mostly to Shinji!
Tin Jedvaj (of Leverkusen) is quite a talented RB. 18 years of age. (watching the Leverkusen Werder match)
I thought Shinji had a girlfriend
Shinji, a world beater at the time, was let go by BVB for £12m. United sold him now as a bench warmer (at best) for £6.5m Seems like Dortmund got the short e...
Absolutely disgraceful 2nd half performance. We should have scored 3 more goals at least if it wasn't for some players' selfishness (Ramos, Auba) Miki completel...
You received our best player and turned him into a bench warmer. I don't blame Manchester for this predicament though. Shinji can only blame himself. Hopefull...
Http://m.goal.com/s/en/news/5066856?ICID=HP_HN_4 Is goal but..
I should change my user name to 'broken record'
Can't we swoop in for Kagawa? He's not even used in United while players who are not fit to cut his toenails are starting every match.. How far you've sunk Shi...
2 months ago
*OFFTOPIC* Need help to find the official rules for tackles: I played football today, and at one point of the game, I kneed the ball to a team mate, which led ...
Let me just take a quick glance at my CRYSTAL BALL....
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