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Yes, having Ginter is a bit error prone and being the last man on the field probably isn't a role suited for him. Guerreiro is excellent indeed. What a change ...
2 days ago
@NZLfootballer A United legend? didn't he "blackmail" (on 2 occasions even) United by holding off contract talks for more money and threatening to join City?
3 days ago
17-1 last three games... *insert 'not bad' meme*
5 days ago
Heavy rotation? Name me one succesful team that rotated so heavily. Closest I can think of is Heynckes' Bayern I suppose, but then also not as much as we would ...
6 days ago
I tend to agree. But they're supposedly too young to be able to be consistently good, so a player like Schurrle is (again supposedly) more mature and experience...
1 week ago
I'm thinking we have a problem with midfield players and I'm thinking it's a pretty HUGE problem Considering their performance, players like Pulisic, Mor, Guerr...
@DortmunderJung You would pick Rode over Weigl as first choice? Weigl was a revelation last season. He should absolutely be first choice the way I see it.
1 month ago
I really hope Auba is sold next year. I wish he silent already been sold and was replaced.
2 months ago
If only football was about how good your club is at present time and not about how good another club was in its past.
Well chosen mhiki.. pffff
He was sold for €38 (clause). Bought back for €26 I think
I'm no Schurrle fan. Not at all. Certainly not as Mikhi's replacement. But I do remember him having at least one good game in the final of the world cup (assist...
Hummels* (thanks Jeroen you sarcastic bastard :P) and gundogan out. Both were big contributers to our attacking buildup. If mikhi goes then it's like we start f...
3 months ago
Sevilla was the better team throughout the whole tournament and in that game too. They deserve to win and quite frankly are awe inspiring. What a team. Liverpo...
4 months ago
We're also playing a bizarre line-up 3-4-1-2. Not seems to be working defensively or offensively
OH dear oh dear............................... When was the last time we didn't lose the last game or home game of the season?
I'm not saying he's not at fault or that he did excellently while the rest disappointed him. Not at all. I'm saying that he was probably disappointed by the ent...
Who else thinks our loss to Liverpool was the straw that broke the camel's back in Hummel's decision to leave? Let's put aside the fact that he's leaving to Ba...
Götze transfer still the worst. Youth player, left club when the club was in the semi finals of champion's league. After winning two years in a row the Bundesl...
5 months ago
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd our football fate is sealed. We will never become the best if our best players and in this case the freaking captain keep leaving us...
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