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Ramos.. he's just horrible. I think I've seen him play one good game in his entire BVB season
1 week ago
Good to know Jeroen! Thanks. I always wondered about that.
Hummels own goal? Should've been one I'm sad to say.... First goal offside? From a good reply (in HD) it seems like a defender's arm is keeping Auba onside
Two other factors you seem to ignore: - Legacy: United has plenty of it. Kagawa joined you guys mainly for that reason for example. - City: other than the footb...
That is surely true SIF, but this is far from being the first time I've seen Auba flop so hard :P
2 weeks ago
For one of the bundesliga's best ever scorers within one season, Auba's finishing can suck so hard!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable. I think it just proves how fluent our...
Please delete
1 month ago
I don't like it.. I think Hoffman still can develop to be a great player
So that means that in the first half, the mix of boys and men was somewhat acceptable?
Merry christmas!
Two fags decide they want a baby. So they jack off in a cup, use the sperm to get a lady friend of theirs pregnant. Nine months later they go to the hospital. T...
We better win against them in the second half of the season. Last season they knocked 4 points off us. Unbelievable. How many boogey teams must we have? Hambu...
He might as well have Jeroen, he might as well have..
Reporter: Are you in the form of your life right now? Özil: I help the team today, we got 3 points, I do my best, bla bla bla That was hilarious. Just all of ...
Somebody is completely off his rocker
Really disappointing end to the first half of the season. BUT, all in all, I'm satisfied. We're sitting pretty comfortably at 2nd place. No hope for 1st, imo
Bürki? Definitely.. He made an awesome save just before that, and then he goes ahead and does that stupid mistake. I have to say though, I did think at that m...
Oh well......................... We weren't going to win the league anyway
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