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I think this game proved to be more painful than other games.. In a way. Finally we were attacking well, scoring goals, only to concede such absolutely shamefu...
17 hours ago
The team's form is affecting this forum! *ba dum tssss* But seriously.. Juventus.. Just our luck. Arsenal get an easier draw than us (Monaco) by finishing secon...
2 days ago
This is a football nightmare.. Our season can't turn for the better in one game. Something is fundamentally wrong about our whole squad. Weer started out horri...
4 days ago
Schieber scores against us.. Unbelievable
If we tie this, are we on second place?
1 week ago
Yes that is very unfortunate. However you have to say that Hoffenheim deserved a penalty late in the game (that tackle by Subotic). plus Kehl could've seen a ...
Mike of you see a photo of the incident, it is clearly visible that one doesn't not have to be injury prone to succumb to an injury from that tackle
3 weeks ago
And in the very same game some douchebag injures him again.. Should've been red
Een beetje laat maar toch wel gefeliciteerd Jeroen!
1 month ago
I find it a bit ridiculous that you, a person I've never seen on this forum and having a Chelsea next to your name is using we and us when referring to z dortmu...
Kagawa had been nothing* but exceptional, so unless you're excluding him for him to rest, I would definitely put him on there.
I respectfully disagree Mike. There is certainly effort from the players, there is just no connectivity. I think that you take it a step too far by saying the p...
2 months ago
What's happening to us? It's not one player's fault. We're just playing bad with no cohesiveness and zero harmony
Relatively weak squad. Hope we can win this!
3 months ago
Oh crap.. Back four Kehl Jojic Kevin miki auba Ramos ?
Annnd Kagawa limps off :/
@MU4E1999 that was definitely even more impressive than his goal
Grosskreutz - STRIKER - Kagawa -> GOAL!!
That goal is due mostly to Shinji!
Tin Jedvaj (of Leverkusen) is quite a talented RB. 18 years of age. (watching the Leverkusen Werder match)
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