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There are no numerous websites where your can download full games. It's also available on torrent websites. Just Google full football games, you'll get there pr...
3 weeks ago
I'd like to say something. I'll say before that, that I haven't seen Bürki in action. Marko, to my eyes, Langerak is a great goalkeeper, especially considerin...
1 month ago
Oh Klopp.. What a miserable last game..
2 months ago
Jeroen, Google "ship from usa", there's companies who specialise in delivering around the world for people who want to order items that are only shipped to Nort...
Are we guaranteed a Europa League spot? *edit: yes we are
Two seasons ago, it was a different story really. Dortmund were miles ahead of United in footballing terms. Kagawa leaving was certainly part of the reason for ...
Good day kind sir! Is there anything else we can assist you with? In stock, we have a Marco Reus, one Aubameyang, as well as an upcoming, exciting model title...
Ehhh, you do realise it was Real Mardid that won it last, don't you? Unless you're talking about Bayern's game against Real from last year, which I highly doubt...
Does anyone still think Langerak doesn't deserve a chance as our first goalie? His performance last night was incredible, imo
3 months ago
So the tactic should be clear now for your semi-finals clash: Aim for a penalty shootout!
Kagawa... Hoe could you lose that ball to create Bayern's goal
Definitely! It's almost a shame to have seen the team playing so nicely and with cohesion today. Where were these guys the rest of the season? I really hope A...
Aha. Curious. Thanks for the answer buddy
Was wondering something about Tüchel, seeing as he could be our next coach. Why did he leave Mainz?
Choosing the right coach is extremely important. However, a very big issue in my opinion that is less talked over is that we need to find a way to keep our per...
Absolutely not. I think there is no doubt that Klopp means what he says. Let's face it, all the star players leaving, it ruined us. Even Klopp the almighty re...
I'm pretty sure he meant what he said
@Crxxx are you replying to what Jeroen said? If so, wtf
Thank you Kop4Ever. I assume you are referring to me?
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