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The last time you played so bad, you won the champions league, so it seems overachieving is in your DNA.
1 month ago
I don't get it. Wasn't Bayern's first goal a clear offside? they actually used video referees yet missed that one?!
8 months ago
Dortmund have a lot to learn from Atletico Madrid I'm sad to say
1 year ago
I'm indeed really happy about Shinji's resurgence! Ever since he stated that he'll be fighting for his starting 11 spot, he has been doing really well. And yes ...
I'm watching Dortmund Hamburg also known as "The Auba horror show"
Auba is so wasteful sometimes. yes he scored the usual tap in for the first goal but it really should have been 2-0 before Schalke scored.
You do realise Monaco are through at 2-0, considering they have 3 away goals against city's 0
Brilliant assist for Dembélé
When was the last time Schmelzer scored? when was the last time Schmelzer scored from a free kick? *mind blown*
And again it's Pulisic with the ice breaker! the same as against Benfica
How can we have become so bad at away games????
I think Pulisic should be praised for his clinicalness despite having not a very good game. Until his goal came we were looking very fragile. Also props to Bür...
I think that's taking it too lightly Jeroen. One goal conceded and we have to score 3 to win and not to lose! How often do we keep a clean sheet these days? I r...
P.s. what a terrible horrible day this must be for you Jeroen. Although with Dortmund I think there still is a chance
I wasn't the slightly shocked when he missed. His body language seemed to imply that he was also expecting it.
Auba is going through his 'miss any given chance' phase, again
Yep... Sad seeing him go
1-1 final result. We probably barely deserved that. What an awful performance.
Honest question: is anyone feeling a bit of a bitter aftertaste with the news that Rooney is now Manchester United's all time scorer? I mean, no way is he more ...
Oh and to the point you made, Dan: you are absolutely right. Seeing Morgan today made me feel uneasy. He looks so awkward
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