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I'm AAA, but I would never boo any of our players.
1 week ago
Knowing my luck, when Wenger leaves we'll be in even worse s**t than Man Utd after Fergie.
I'd say Mikhitaryan's looked better, but since it should have been disallowed I vote for Giroud.
2 weeks ago
Signings don't mean s**t if they don't help us improve.
3 weeks ago
Yes, he's great. I hope he'll be refereeing Tottenham - Chealsea.
That's actually not a stupid hypothesis. It could be a way to avoid Financial Fair Play.
4 weeks ago
There is no title race. Not for us.
1 month ago
I never said we were going to score. But there's always a tiny chance and the ref took it from us by his stupid decision. Essentially awarding the time-wasting ...
Next year? Prepare for another disappointment.
Only the most delusional people believed we ever could.
Even the shittiest teams score from time to time.
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1 year ago
OMGClayAiken nominated K. Huntelaar (90') for Goal of the Week
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