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You wanna talk about refs?
3 days ago
Hopefully it's not as bad as it looked. Knee injuries tend to be really nasty.
That landing was painful to even watch.
What the f**k Rambo, why so selfish?
I never believed we could win the title.
4 days ago
Next few seasons, with Guardiola in charge of City, we can't even dream of winning the league. This was our best opportunity in years. But you can never get you...
1 week ago
It would have been fun, if we actually had a shot. We never did.
The referee helped you at Stamford Bridge, and even the FA admitted it. This time you get the key decision your way again, after your clown's dive. If that's ho...
2 weeks ago
"Then again, he has had the longest total injury record in the whole squad, even when Diaby was here." Longer than Diaby? How is that even possible?
"Yea its a dive, but it's also 100% a red card" That makes 0 sense. It's either a dive or a foul, can't be both. "we all know that 99% of strikers will go dow...
@REDZONE313 It was a dive
It's not easy to score againt a 12-man team
I'm betting Hazard will end his goal drought today
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3 months ago
OMGClayAiken nominated K. Huntelaar (90') for Goal of the Week
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