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Oook, so bayern has 3 black players...and sky cant tell them apart -.- after the yellow card for alaba they show boateng and write "alba, misses next match"...a...
1 year ago
When seeing it live it looked like it was gonna be pepe, but dont really know...
I hate rutube :(
2 years ago
Somewhere on FootyTube
What happens when united B get relegated to league 2? then they play in league 2 untill they are good enough to get promoted again.. What happens when arsenal...
Well u cant really put arshavin on the pitch just because u like his attitude better if he just plays s**t at the moment...
If valencia is able to keep that level up for the next years also in international competitions then maybe the spanish league could even challenge the english o...
Puh i think its still a 50 - 50 chance, nothing decided yet, madrid has the better position right now but also they will start droping points sooner or later..a...
Yep it works like that...thanks mate :)
Hey there! i'm watching videos on footytube for more than 2 years now and so far everything worked great. but since a week or so all videos start having horrib...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Well it will be a big issue if drogba wants to stay. if he really wants to go to milan then i dont think that chelsea can hold him in london...
I could give it a try...i would even play for free ;)
Even real does not buy a defender for more than 20 million if they dont seriously think that he is going to play...
It was the barcelone B squad which plays in la secunda division. still nice for espanyol to have a win against their city rivals, even their second team, but th...
Well seems like its becoming a tradition at bayern to start the season with a big disappointment^^ makes me happy :P
Somewhere on FootyTube
Bayern munich is predicted to win the league EVERY season for as long as i followed that league by most of the fans of every german club. they do have the most ...
Thats such a stupid comment algeneral....
Yay gotta love ghana :)
3 years ago
Hm playing like this neither austria or belgium will make it to the worldcup...turkey must be happy to see both rivals for place 2 playing so weak
Well they thought they had it covered with higuain and benzema...but higuain got injured and benzema had a pretty bad first half of the season... ..but still i ...
I think u will have to get used to the fact pretty soon that the bundesliga is stronger than serie A. the financial situation of serie A could really become a p...
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