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NouCampHero just became a Fan of Atlético Madrid
3 months ago
Crazy game! I'm loving the intensity and aggressiveness of both teams (as long as there's no bad tackles). I know Messi and Neymar are just itching to get in. E...
5 months ago
ALEXIS SANCHES DE MI VIDA!! haha what a golaso!
^^^you sound mad bro.. (-_^)
Wow..what a joke! That's not even a defensive's just being stupid! smh
Bayern is crushing city! damn!
Haha what a game!! Great win from Atl.!! But damn when we play them it'll be one hell of a match!!
..aaaannnddd case in point.
7 months ago
The way Villareal keep ruining all their chances is going to come back to haunt them!
I know man! Villareal are playing really well right now!
The Villareal/Madrid game is insane right now!! Great football!
F**K!!! WHAT A GAME! MESSI YOU SNEAKY BASTARD. Gotta love the determination and desire to win even with mere seconds left!!
"Could have been stopped" more like..but a great shot nonetheless!
Fabregas is EVERYWHERE!! lol
WOW!! What a beautiful goal from David Villa!
HAHA What a great start to the season! All the attackers have a goal! That should boost their confidence! Now bring on NEYMAR!!!!!! VISCA BARCA!
8 months ago
Hello footy fam! I haven't commented in so long, but I hope some still remember me. I just had to comment tonight. Just got home from the club and went to the "...
9 months ago
Ha you know that actually isn't a bad idea..have one ref sitting behind a tv screen to help in big decisions like this..he could just radio the first ref and le...
10 months ago
Argentina just got robbed a clear goal. I hate to think that it's just a mistake from the linesmen, but when it's such a high profile game like this...damnit!! ...
3-0 for Argentina. Another Messi assist to Higuain!
1 year ago
2-0. Messi PK.
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