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Maldini - the greatest footballer ever
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Ronaldo - The topscorer in World Cup
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I am Milan, Brazil and Santos fan who also support PSG because of Ancelotti, Leonardo, Veratti, Silva, Zlatan and I support Southampton as well in England as everyone I know is fan of someone in England and I kind a had to pick a team there as well when young. :P
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Hmm interesting, seems like you're enjoying your time at the moment. It pay wells and well I don't sell rocks, it's mostly gold, it basically sells on its on ...
2 years ago
According to be a real fan or not I have no qualms with you here, and I even respect how you say you in many ways prefer watching games on tv. Hell I can even u...
Would you look at that... a red bull with wings
P.s. I am impressed, I go silent for 2 months yet when I speak you reply so quickly. If I didnt know better I would accuse you for sitting and wait for my messa...
Egypt is good fun so far. I am working in a german diving school so 95% of the clients is german speaking. I can basically hang out with the guests after dives ...
Not Pokemon actually, I only got to episode 3 lol I'm obsessed with Naruto haha so you're in Egypt now?! How's that? Nice! Why German? Tudo bem obrigada! That's...
Obsessed with anime eh? I told you I would get you into pokemon ;) I am working as a diving instructor in egypt for the last year and a half. Had a 3 month wor...
I've been working at a jewelry store for the past 2 years, I don't sit around and watch much football anymore but I try keeping up. Kinda obsessing over anime a...
In other news lord bendtner snapped the first title of the year away from bayern scoring twice. First leading to extension of playtime and latter being decisive...
So what do you do at the moment? Study? Work? Just sitting home watching football babysitting your brother and dream about what was his name? Marc bartra?
Charlie austin Nobody linked him with united yet which van gaal claimed was the case. He is english so he is already considered 3 notch better than he is. He h...
But you feel pedro want to be man.u player? Whether or not if pedro fits in to the team is here another matter but to me your reasoning seem just flawed... be...
Yes that is true. But at least you reply and I know you're alive, glad you're doing well! I'm doing good, a bit more busy but it's good! I don't get on here muc...
3 years ago
This is a sad time to be a milan supporter. Either we keep on going on our bad track without any success or we end up getting some success but on what cost. T...
Not speaking to me for ages makes sense seeing how I barely log in once a year on this site ;) Still good, still diving, still enjoying life that comes with a ...
Not a chance i only saw like 3 episodes and that was it haha you tried though :P how you been? havent really spoke to you in ages
So am I. Soon I have you playing online massive pokemon games as well ;) Then you can be the best there ever was.
4 years ago
Lol missing it? I really don't :P anyways I thought you should know I started watching Pokemon today from the beginning, Marcos is proud of me lol
Crossing my fingers then, havent had time to watch their games lately though, back at diving now and it consumes all my time more or less.
Must be difficult... Not enjoying it while it is happening, and then missing it when it isn't.
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