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I would say the first Ronaldo goal is better than the HiguaĆ­n goal to be honest. My opinion please do not flame me ;)
8 years ago
Every player in football does that these days unfortunately its part of the game now :'(
WTFis your problem lol?! Stoke played bad.. vERY VERY bad tbh if we vs Stoke we could have put 7 in against them almost any one would how they played :D
Yea he is he looks exactly like my cousin! :O
That's why we let him go xD
Wow over the years Man United has scored so many important goals at the last second awesome match
Spurs need to finish better
Yea I feel sorry for Beckham after he tried so hard to make the world cup squad.. :'(
I agree lol
Lol more money wasted by madrid
Maybe in 20 years
Same with alonso lol
Lol...I thought I was dreaming when I saw this.. :'(
Maybe if it was Man City's 2nd team vs Arsenal's the score may have been different. But well done Man City.
Manchester has dominated the English Premier League for so long of course we will be arrogant...
Lol, unlucky Chelsea but I think Blackburn deserved to win.
Rofl Wigan.... It is too bad Defoe could get a double hattrick :D
Good performance by Man U. And what is with all these back heels?!
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