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I would say the first Ronaldo goal is better than the Higuaín goal to be honest. My opinion please do not flame me ;)
7 years ago
Every player in football does that these days unfortunately its part of the game now :'(
WTFis your problem lol?! Stoke played bad.. vERY VERY bad tbh if we vs Stoke we could have put 7 in against them almost any one would how they played :D
Yea he is he looks exactly like my cousin! :O
That's why we let him go xD
Wow over the years Man United has scored so many important goals at the last second awesome match
Spurs need to finish better
Yea I feel sorry for Beckham after he tried so hard to make the world cup squad.. :'(
I agree lol
Lol more money wasted by madrid
Maybe in 20 years
Same with alonso lol
Lol...I thought I was dreaming when I saw this.. :'(
Maybe if it was Man City's 2nd team vs Arsenal's the score may have been different. But well done Man City.
8 years ago
Manchester has dominated the English Premier League for so long of course we will be arrogant...
Lol, unlucky Chelsea but I think Blackburn deserved to win.
Rofl Wigan.... It is too bad Defoe could get a double hattrick :D
Good performance by Man U. And what is with all these back heels?!
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