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You always know what to say, Rafiki.
6 years ago
So gutted...if only if only if only...Can't get these words out of my head.
This is what happens when all of Arsenal's chances actually go in
Battle of the Bandwagons!
Wow, Valbuena's for the highlight reel
United should have lost. Berbatov's goal was offside.
Spurs are just annoying right now. They're third? Eugh, seems so unnatural, because let's be honest, top four isn't really their thing. Whatevs, just waiting on...
It's great that Liverpool made Chelsea drop points, because they're going to drop points themselves against City anyways.
Not saying they didn't deserve the win, but Spurs were very lucky to get away with all three points. Things just went their way today, which is called luck. It'...
Are we really going to pull out the win tallies? Really now? Know your place.
A handball and a fluke goal is what it took Tottenham to beat a weakened Arsenal side. Don't worry, though, Tottenham, you're still number 2 in North London. Al...
Back the f**k off. The dude took a shot at my team so I took a shot at him. f****n relax. I also support Arsenal in the EPL. Sorry for misinterpreting, but dude...
Yepp, you got it.
I'd just like to point out that Arsenal fans have been using the injury excuse for a while and it's always rejected as complaining or something. Just saying, fo...
I guess you didn't feel like using Google, so you were trying to take a shot at my team? You're an Arsenal fan, what do you care? The Vancouver Whitecaps are cu...
Hahahaha. So much for that strong United mentality. 2-0 and you f****d it up
What an unlucky game DeMerit had.
Crouch, you've gifted united with a point
Somewhere on FootyTube
So ridiculous how the media portrays Arsenal nowadays. This was a comfortable win for Arsenal once they found their feet. Poorly written article.
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