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My God can this team learn to kill games off?
4 days ago
Aye, good to be back morata
Man I gotta say, courtois is average
1 week ago
I still believe. I wouldn't believe if it were easy or possible.
I'm willing to believe, we did it 6 years ago, I believe we can do it again. It may be unbelievable but it is not impossible.
Lol "if we want to beat barca" goes on to put Alonso in DM lmao it's simple, for us to have a chance at beating Barcelona, we need to have the perfect game. Our...
2 weeks ago
Nah, it ain't about squad depth. Conte has given up on Chelsea and won't leave until his contract is over. We have all seen conte who will change style,formatio...
That match was so bad, i wanted city to trash us 4-0 just to reflect how terrible our performance was. We didn't deserve to lose 1-0, we needed to get our asses...
How did we survive that half?
Dude needs to hit the gym. Get some muscle and stop being a bitch on the pitch
3 weeks ago
This is why I wanted giroud over morata.
So drink water starts today huh? Hope he has a good game.
I want giroud to start over morata.
Nah, it was a terrible pass from AC, he should have known better than to play that kind of pass against a pressing Barcelona squad. It showed his inexperience a...
1 month ago
In a perfect season, we would've won this match.
I believe.
I think he is improving but slowly, what he is doing is playing it safe and keeping it around the comfort zone. At least he ain't wasting possession like someon...
I want him to start over pedro against barca. If he replicates this form against barca then we got ourselves a good game at hand.
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