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Anubhz (Anubha Das)
I can be annoying at times.
ARod9 (Aidan Rodriguez) from San Antonio, USA
I like soccer arsenal. add me
I love Arsenal and Nasri!!!!!!
ArsenalFC11 (Arsenal)
Arsenish (Arsenish) from Bellevue, U.S.
In glory days and gloomy days, ALWAYS ARSENAL!! Comon GUNNERS!!!
Asif84 (Asif Shah)
I am 19 from Nottz, if u wanna chat my facebook name is A-star andrew snm
AznB0b (Quan Mai) from Nashville, USA
Just a small asian person who love Manchester united for a long time now, not one of those bandwagon fans that they like them because of ronaldo and such. A true fan that never cha ...
Azoz10 (Azoz)
Babas (David Ford)
Balle (Thienesh) Singapore
Baya10 (Baya - Jan Van Dijk) from Den Haag, The Netherlands
Im a Malaysian born dutchman. Have a malaysian mother and a dutch father. Have lived an adventureous expat life in, Malaysia, Australia, Nieria, The Netherlands and Russia. Studyin ...
Bedr0m (Brendan) from Mars, USA
I am funny whenyou get to know and am a HUGE birmingham fan
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