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Totally my bad, bud. I completely got mixed up with the resolutions and the price ranges. I was looking at the Lenovo Y series, and that's at 60k, not 50k. ht...
2 days ago
I like that style, Maddy. I like that style :D Actually I was given 45k as the budget so 50k is really stretching it.. I don't know why, but I can't find a SI...
Lol. You asked a question and got a reply as best as I could give. I don't do things in half measures, and I don't like going "here. buy this". I did look at ...
Whoa! Mate, I'm not a tech geek like you, and that's SO MUCH INFO :P Typical Magneto response :P :P I'm not into gaming THAT much, I don't mind playing in 136...
P.P.S: If you want to consider a mac, do so after you start earning. You shouldn't be wasting your parents money, because that's what it is. A waste of money :P...
Ah. Laptops. If I didn't know you'll need one at Uni, I'd have strongly advised you against them. I've had a Dell, Acer and Samsung laptop. All of them started ...
Check you wall :P #HelpNeeded
Hey Maddy! I'll be needing a laptop for college, but I just can't decide what!?! :P So frustrating.. Thought you'd help me with some consultation :) So my bud...
Lewandowski and Modric.
It took me a while before I realized you actually changed your picture Rylan :P Nice one though! Mourinho has 'shed some light', but the reason was obvious all...
3 days ago
Damn, I hope we do the right thing, whatever it is, about the GK situation. Don't wanna regret anything :-S
5 days ago
Hopefully :)
Well, I meant it in the more "relaxing secluded beach that you could play footy along with a few mates" kinda way. lol. I doubt you'd be going to a beach in sea...
Strange days? Since I started following football, lot of people want Man Utd to fail! :P
I see what Ghanakid is saying.. Hypothetically, we play Courtois, Cech is unhappy and moves to another club, then Courtois doesn't sign a contract anyway becau...
Translation to English (error prone though): Only WC can change the following players' FIFA ratings!!!! ganso renato augusto farfan Honda Sturridge felix kr...
Yeah, my parents kinda have the notion that Goan beaches are a party place with drinks and girls and all.. being a famous tourist spot.. Hoping they get convinc...
6 days ago
Excellent news bud! Congratulations again on such a good showing :) I'm sure the beaches of Goa will be a good break from the strenuous studies there :D
Okay, I'll join.. later :P About the college.. My friend, I have joined BITS Pilani! Goa Campus :P But still, degree will be given by BITS Pilani. I've take...
Hmm. Hope you guys do well! (But not too well :P)
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