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I got Rodgers. Luckily I have no plans of becoming a manager :P
Hey Zilch, I'm doing great. I'll be glad to help. When exactly do you need the 'mini report'? I can make a report, but I might miss out on a few points. So won...
3 days ago
Hi Niru hope you're doing well mate. I have a favour to ask you from your old mate Cloudst. He's wondering if you'd mind doing an assessment of Footytube of the...
*fourth Next month: Deja Vu, as Everton sell Stones to Madrid for £25m.
4 days ago
Behave, or you will be exterminated. Welcome mate :P
Oh, the fertilizers are working well.. We can sell the produce off for a nice profit then ^_^
Agreed with almost everything you said, Sam. But most of the Chelsea fans I know are finding it weird that we didn't upgrade our squad at all. Maybe it's good -...
5 days ago
There's always the 0.01 probability of a badass goal (chip over Valdes/dribble past the City defense) tho :P
1 week ago
I tuned in to "and it's 3-1 to NY Red Bulls!!" Bang, Haz 3-2. Bang, 4-2. FT. Meh.
Thing is, Mou preferred Drogba over Remy. If Falcao is above Remy in the pecking order, I won't be happy. That's the only concern I have; Falcao as 3rd choice i...
I haven't seen him play much at all. So I don't have any idea about his potential. But if he's as good as you say he is, I hope he gets games in the first team...
2 weeks ago
Willian as an AM doesn't sound so good given his attacking prowess. AMs are supposed to be the most creative players of the team in terms of chance creation; so...
Well Isco is a long shot, but can't help but think about it, haha. It's because we're having a not-so-active TW. @GSS, that's true, but we're still a little we...
Fair enough, guys! :)
Everyone else is strengthening and buying quality players. We've just signed Falcao and are close to Begovic(?). It's been a dull TW so far.. Can't help but fa...
Why do you guys say you don't want him to join Chelsea? I think he'd fit in perfectly at our RW. He'd be a great signing for us.. Is it because Barcelona might...
Oscozard Hazcarco
3 weeks ago
I live 5 hours away... 5 hours by GMT :( :(
Liq, because it's "rival teams" If ze Kalou on ze team, we be fanz of zat team.
4 weeks ago
Sanchez, Aguero, Cech, Milner, Mirallas.
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