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Niru wrote in On Kgb112s wall
Good job quitting being a mod, mate. Channel your time and energy towards something more useful. Good luck. :)
1 week ago
That's good, but did you cancel your pro membership? that's a big concern too, things aren't all well now just because a few people got the money they were owed
Hey mate cheers for the support, the DF situation left a bitter taste in my mouth and I've been hounding the high ups since leaving to get people their earnings...
2 weeks ago
Hey if you need any help regarding the bull that is footytube, something which you think I can help you out with, feel free to ask :) It's sad to see people no...
Thanks guys.. @BluFF, it's not about 'getting through it', mate. It's a feeling I've been having since last season, like Jeroen explained. I've stopped follow...
1 month ago
Thanks C61. It's not just the site, it's the football too. The league feels like a Battle Royale, and football is just a medium, like guns, used for a war. I do...
Football isn't the same as before. Or I'm not the same as before. Or both. It's starting to feel less about the game and more about the results. It's like I'...
The one good thing about Hazard's lacklustre run is that all these problems are getting exposed. Ivanovic was a liability last year too, but he got a few goals,...
Boring boring chelsea forum we need you back aaron
Well he's certainly used the right words. But it's about time he lets the football do the talking like last season.
Our only hope is that all the clubs boycott FIFA. And maybe form a new association. Very long shot, tho.
2 months ago
How about PES? It is any good?
No problem, man. I'm just thanking every cell in my brain for not getting that PRO Membership. Hopefully all the issues get resolved. Good luck to you and Cloud...
My apologies Niru I passed everything you said on to Cloudst and never heard back about it so I guess don't bother about it. He was the one asking, I told him t...
Hey Zilch, I replied to your query a month ago. It seems you've missed it; scroll down to read it mate.
Zilch check your wall
"They pay well for the work they want you to put in. Oh, and their costumes are pretty great too!" ^_^
Maybe a more Ronaldinho esque hairstyle for Hazard Imagine him with the ponytail, haha
Happens in every aspect of life. Looks play a part in people's judgement.
Why should Costa start over Remy? Yes, he's not been getting as much service as last year, but he's also fluffed the few chances (and there have been a few) whi...
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