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CHELSEA61 wrote in On Nirus wall
I top friended you mate. Don't know why I didn't do it sooner. You're one of my favorite people on this site. :) Cheers top friend!
6 hours ago
Badass dude, King Carlo :D Still sad we sacked him :/
13 hours ago
Only mods can do that, and CHELSEA61 is a mod. So.. you can't.
Roberto Martinez :)
14 hours ago
Niru updated their profile
15 hours ago
The real test is November. Survive November, the title is ours.
16 hours ago
Thanks mate :D
Hey Niru, some great ideas you sent me. I've posted your full comment in the mod forum. I think it's more a question for the developers but they hide behind the...
@SIF, the point of football is to score goals and win games, according to you. So does that mean passing to create chances for the striker to score isn't impor...
Remember, Salah is a back up. Torres was not a back up. For a back up, he's really good. Finishing doesn't grow on trees, you don't learn to finish overnight. ...
Hey Rylan, I have this idea.. 'Power likes'! (Needs a better name.. This one's stupid lol) Give it to the mods first. They will 'power like' posts they find g...
Complains about crystal clear grass Doesn't say anything about a blue streak of light behind Drogba with his full name on it :P
Wake Me Up When November Ends
2 days ago
Agreed with Eeegay.
November Virus spreading to October end.. NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Ivanovic was shouting at Dowd all game, and he would've felt like taking revenge or something. Ever since the penalty Ivanovic wasn't his cool self.
I want a Chelsea which can win despite ref errors. We almost won the game DESPITE Phil Dowd. Proud of my team. KTBFFH
It's not Mikel's fault. A wicked deflection is not Obi Mikel's fault.
3 days ago
Come on guys, he's coming in good spirit. Let's not be cranky :P Yes, there were stupid decisions. Phil Dowd was the ref, what'd you expect lol. Good game, Zh...
4 days ago
That run before Drogba's goal was so awesome. I wish he'd put that away.
Ah you'll do great :)
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