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@ Liquidator...are you real Jose Mou in disguise..lolz, you fit his the profile perfectly, the way you think and talk.. Lol .. please stop blaming,Whining, co...
3 months ago
Nope in group stage if 2 teams gets same points, head to head results is tie breaker, since dinamo beat us, they are above us
@ dani...ref standards are very different in Premier League and Europe... Thats why English teams tends to have more red cards in europe
4 months ago
It's 1000 away fans... These are 60000 one... Even ManU fans left old Trafford early after 8-2 win.. Its just common sense..
Just when I thought this weekend cannt get better... And i saw this... Hahahaha
Double post
Not at all..i don't think we have ever stopped playing.. We just played smart.. This team got more resilient than how we used to be couple season ago... Naive....
^^^we have Alexis for that.. Same work rate on/off the ball like Suarez... And same skill/quality.. ings is good player but we have similar and better player th...
Last season he tend to became isolated in games and his finishing was not good but its different this season, his linking play and finishing is way better check...
Danny ings wont improve anything, we need proper out and out goal scorer, seeing how much lukaku has improved this season he would be perfect for us(hold up pla...
@ AZgunner... To be like Sir Alex.. AW..Bill shankly And get untouchable respect from your club.. You need to build the club.. And mou knows he cannt do that......
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1 year ago
2 years ago
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