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@ Malik, Nice post , but if i add, i wouldnt say phase 3 has damaged the AW reputation and heres why i think that, The way i see it, during phase 2 with transf...
4 months ago
£83.9 billion? I bet even bill Gates doesn't worth half of that...and he is the richest... Can I have whatever you're smoking... Hahaha
5 months ago
Also this is what happened when you openly blame your players, ref everyone except yourself after a well fought loss to the superior rivals(against city, but ...
^^ smalling's own goal in final seconds means cech dont have to share golden glove with de gea.
9 months ago would it be Mkhitaryan or Xhaka
10 months ago
Well, danny murphy always criticize arsenal and perticular AW every time and Sherwood was spur player,backroom staff and manager , so as soon as i saw them i kn...
1 year ago
@ Liquidator...are you real Jose Mou in disguise..lolz, you fit his the profile perfectly, the way you think and talk.. Lol .. please stop blaming,Whining, co...
Nope in group stage if 2 teams gets same points, head to head results is tie breaker, since dinamo beat us, they are above us
@ dani...ref standards are very different in Premier League and Europe... Thats why English teams tends to have more red cards in europe
It's 1000 away fans... These are 60000 one... Even ManU fans left old Trafford early after 8-2 win.. Its just common sense..
Just when I thought this weekend cannt get better... And i saw this... Hahahaha
Double post
2 years ago
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