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4 years ago
After the first 20 minutes, the match became a little stale. good result non-the-less for Olympiakos!
6 years ago
They'll still finish well, lol, relax. at least we know now there is no match fixing in Spain aha.
The faces on the players after Getafe score are faces of truly passionate footballers. Yeah, they look down, but they certainly came back with positive energy. ...
One of the mysteries with regards to Olympiakos this season... Not impressed.
Catania played well all game, a good win for them. For Inter, it is back to the drawing board... They will hit stride soon, if not, yikes..
Estonia are through ! It will be a few years (I am guessing) of "what went wrong?" for Serbia...
Is this season done yet? ... So painful (TFC).
Well done Azerbaijan!
Maltese international side = 1 player. Good result non-the-less.
LOL ew.. What a gross match.
Get this team out of qualifying... it's getting ridiculous lol
The beautiful ones. Remember this Armenian squad.
Just short this season. if they don't build on their somewhat "revived" side going forward into next year, the club/players/staff may be in a bit of trouble. BM...
Just counting down the days... It's been too long.
The last samurai style does him justice.
Well said, well said.
Ah, Well... First game in the Premier League, get the nerves and the crappy games out of the way early. Swansea can only get better, right? Hopefully they'll bo...
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