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Happy New Year princess ....... :-)
8 years ago
Hi real madrid is unbeatble and unblivble . you are a good luke fan!! pleas add me girl.
Well im glad you enjoyed the website. there are a lot of funny things out their my friend
Ha ha ha .....your fav website was very good.....had a good laugh...rated you as (?) in the fan trait
O why thank you! very sweet of you and yes Real Madrid is amazing :)
Love the smile, you are very sexy. Real madrid is a killer team.
Are you from greece?
9 years ago
Hey wassup i like real madrid to i think theyre going to do great this upcoming year w/ c.ronaldo, kaka, and maybe villa
O honey thats one of the worse ones ive seen. there is not much you can do except keep it elevated and ice it. it will go down within a week but i suggest even ...
You just think walcott is sexier. lol but he is pretty impressive
How do i obtain one of these prestigious badges? let me know. kthanx
When i think of the word soccer, it brings to mind silly american children sunning around a field with shitty plastic boots. when i think of the word football, ...
Alan Shearer, he is godly. when i think of his skills, i truly start to shiver. i love that feeling. thats when you can tell who has TRUE talent....
For 93 million? he'd better not suck ass :)
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