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England was unlucky, can't deny that... BUT COME ON - Which football do you want to see? Englands sleepy boring football? or Germanys FUCKINGPUREAWESOMNESS-f...
7 years ago
Is Müller awesome or is Müller awesome?!
Best team available? Im talking about the substitutions, and bringing Trochowski, Jansen and not taking off horrible Podolski was just hilarious.
Löw really tried his best to make Germany end up 2nd in the group with his substitutions, but it didnt work out...
If they plan to continue playing like this, I'd rather not see them in the quarterfinals.
Woa, that was AWFUL England. Algeria on the other hand didn't care about what everybody expected and pulled off a self-confident and secure offensive football,...
There we go, USA winning after beeing 2 goals behind, certainly one of the few highlights in this WC; but NO, ref sees some Slowenian defender beeing fouled by ...
I really can't take Löw anymore... We saw what his great duo Klose & Poldi did there; and why on earth is he taking Müller and Özil off, who are almost the ...
If I was Joe Hart, I would leave South Afrika right now, change my nationality and play as a striker on some faraway island, hoping that that curse won't affect...
What a fantastic opening goal for the WC; just like Lahm 2006!
He was clearly offside. If there are less then 2 players between the goal and the attacker, he is offside. (SA's Kamikaze Goalie made it possible)
He happend to look at the sun through a teleskop which pretty much explains his nominations...
Seems like Spain could start with 2 squads play against itsself in the final...
Shame if Robben should miss the World Cup after that amazing season he played...
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