Nick22590 wants Bob Bradley out.
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You lot are late to the party - I've had the balloon in my team as an impact sub for weeks now! I finally start him for a match, and look what happens! It's a...
8 years ago
I say that if we fire Bob, the USSF look to bring in an American first and foremost. Sigi Schmidt will do just fine. If not either one of those two, I say we ...
Phil Ball has a great write-up about this match at ESPNSoccernet. That kid that scored the thrid goal looks good for the future.
Chelsea sucked big time today but the still won. If they can do so all season they'll win the whole thing.
Liverpool were good today. Johnson continues to impress me every time I watch him play. Torres was decent, but he really never got into it, if you guys know w...
He knows what he's talking about, and this should be treated as gospel.
As much as I like to see Onyewu play at AC Milan, I'm Inter all the way. Snijder is going to be immense for them this season. They'll win the league easily an...
This deadline day is nowhere as good as last year's. In fact, it kind of sucked. Scratch the kind of. It really sucked. No big names, no big clubs, no nothi...
I don't like him all that much, he's not that good, IMO. He and his brother are both very overrated. Solid players, but nothing special. Diego was good for o...
Iniesta coming back is great news. When he's fit and healthy, he and Xavi will walk into Madrid and lay waste to Madrid's weak central midfield and their eve...
Owen didn't fail. He left Madrid because his wife didn't like adapting to a new country. He's gone on record stating that he wouldn't have left if it wasn't f...
Barcelona's current team will wreck Real Madrid no matter who's wearing the white shirt. Ribery is overrated, IMO, and the size of his ego will just inflate th...
Ronnie didn't deserve anything, most of his goals were scored from free kicks and penalties, all of which he dove and conned the ref in order to get. He is vas...
Hell yes. Not the best of the best, but it's up there. I hate the Mexican national team with every drop of blood in my body. I'm going to go to a Mexican-hea...
He was supposed to head out to Liverpool, right? Can't say I would have joined them now, if I was him. Liverpool are awful this year. If they still have inju...
They'd be up on at the very least, I would assume.... Other than that, can't say I'm thrilled at how our boys played last night. Yes, three point...
I hope Mexico finish 4th in the table. They'll have to go down to Argentina where they'll be mauled five times over and they won't qualify. Better yet, I hope...
Poor performance from Argentina, to say the very least. However, Datolo's goal was sick.
I hope to god that the Argies qualify, I'd much rather see a Ronaldo-less World Cup than a Messi-less World Cup. As would most....
The man speaks the truth...
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