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To me, this is a typical barca display and I don't understand why it takes so long for the stuffs to realise Villa-Messi combination is the way forward. I don't...
Shouldn't he stay at the goal line in this first place, especially it was Adriano marking Pepe? If he comes out, he has to catch the ball, otherwise should stay...
6 years ago
No team is unbeatable at home, Rajnish. Just a matter of time they got defeated.
@Rajmahal and Wil Nothing. Just supporting Cataalans. @Scnis What about yours? Apart from Raul (not even in the team now), Guti (er...where is he now?) and I...
Job than Sergio Ramos or Pepe. I didn't take any credit away from RM and JM but I just think the environment (e.g. tighter schedule) had contributed a great sha...
@Pedmar Your squad is bigger first of all. Second of all, let's face it alright? You have got a deeper and more quality bench. JM didn't play kaka for a reason...
Tello is only 20. The match was too big for him. It's too bad to let him suffer in such an early age but I guess this is one of the major setback which makes hi...
True but this also reduces the immensely huge expectation on the manager and the team which give them a chance to go back to the team it should look like, say i...
Agree. That's why I dislike those clubs which only buy expensive players and not growing them, more importantly not using them. That is what makes Barca, Arsena...
Really Luan8888? You should have more faith on Pep and the team. Yeah right, tactical error, every manager had that before. Just look at JM, it's his 10th or 11...
I think it has a fair possiblility that Pep had got Chelsea's match in mind more than El clasico. Just think about how many other trophies associated with CL an...
Well, we were not as good as last seasons to be honest. Not as slick as last year that's for sure. When a style being adopted for a while, people will get used ...
It's too early to say so.
First goal was Valdes's fault, no doubt
I have missed Villa for quite a while after his injury. There were lots of what-if-Villa-was-healthy moment in those matches we drew or lost in La Liga and i mi...
How many chances did Pedro and Fabregas need to score a goal?
He is still growing.
To be fair, Sanchez scored a goal in El clasico that brough us level in Dec. That one was a great finishing but I know what you mean. His playing style kind of ...
This is true and I believe most of the Barca fans are frustrated at the moment. However, I read some interesting stats from a comment in one of the Barca fans w...
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