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Thats me protege on display....well done aguero...well its time to partaaayyyy.....!!!!
5 years ago
Ripper game this one.....Necastle had a red hot crack for Gary.....things to take out of it..... 1. Shouldve been red for Luiz 2. Luiz is a natural midfielder n...
6 years ago
Man i love silvas goal through de geas legs and then how de gea spits the dummy and double fists the grass like a child - had me in hysterics....
Cracking final 15 ... de guer saved man utds bacon!
Woah....basel cut MU defense to shreds....they snuck out of gaol/jail on this one... from the edit ...ref looks assured and competent...for once
Muchas gracias for the cool vote amigo!
Valencias goalie looks class...and a cool headed finish by hernandez messis passes are just awesome....and he had the final pass in both goals and nurmerous ch...
El loco el loco match .....!
Hi due to a glitch in the dreamfooty game you were allocated and spent too much money. Please bring your team under budget by the 24th of August or we will have...
79th in dreamfooty. nice one bruv. good luck this year....
Ohh man... what a farcical match overpaid prima donnas who wouldnt last 5 minutes on the streets of the real world. they aint footballers, they are diving clow...
Agreed. sandro must have felt so deflated ... poor form Harry
Somewhere on FootyTube
Excellent article, just goes to show that chelsea(roman) lack a general understanding of football dynamics.
7 years ago
Cmon Blackpool, stay up, the EPL needs your "have a crack" attitude and Mr Hollaways interviews...
Just like Fulham, this WBA team never give up no matter what. Take a bow Roy!
Cant recall seeing a more pathetic yellow in my existance. Once again we see a big match played with the outcome decided before kick off. Its off to the Audi d...
Crackin match. wish i could have been in the stands...
Would be so ironic should fabregas score the winning goal at the nou camp. Reckon he may just do it too. about shite highlights video! Is that best you can get footytube?
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