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There is something lacking in the Chelsea attack. I can't quite tell you what it is. Perhaps it is the creativity part. I'm not really impressed with the greate...
5 years ago
Mccarthy never fails to impress me with his flawless subs. Every, single time. Nice work. Lukaku is looking great.
Am I the only one who is still baffled that RDM has Mikel starting? He is NOT good, nor does he play well. Example: Falcao's first goal. Look as he just plants ...
^ typical scouser.
6 years ago
Thank you for your life-changing insight. Good job on repeating what's been said dozens and dozens of times over mate. While it isn't the most exciting thing to...
It's on the team if they nut up. Bayern had everything in their favor and they couldn't capitalize. You can't expect to blame it on luck and get away with it. C...
What the f*ck is wrong with you? Typical scouser. Why wouldn't you want Chelsea to win UEFA? They represent all of England. It would be an epic conclusion to th...
It pains me to see Chelsea lose. This match was very significant. However, Newcastle outplayed us. No denying that. Both goals from Cisse were phenomenal. Watch...
Why the Torres sarcasm? You realize he made an outstanding run... skilled PAST Valdez, and finished beautifully. For the love of god, give the man some credit. ...
I stopped reading this awful post after your misspelled, "Cech". Before you judge another team, learn how to spell properly. Your assessment is flawed. Every te...
Here's my assessment on the result of the match. Sure Barca created multiple chances, it's what they do. With an amazing midfield like that, it's expected. Howe...
Finally. This is the Chelsea I have grown to love and appreciate watching. Vintage Drogba and Lamps goal. Takes me back to the 06/07 Chelsea team. Great work Bl...
Not to mention they just lost Cahill to us
Oh s**t. Bogdan on fire
Suarez... so unlucky.
It WILL be a Chelsea vs Liverpool final
God, this Wednesday couldn't come quick enough. I honestly think Chelsea could beat City. Chelsea is coming off of a 4-0 game win streak, a miracle of a game in...
One of the best matches I've watched in a while. The ultimate reason why I loved it? Our old guard still has it. In the end, it was Terry, Lamps, and Drogba who...
Makes me so happy to see an England international score a hatrick. Lamps + Gerrard = two best midfielders
No. Let me tell you the real problem here (which Di Matteo fixed). The real reason Chelsea won? Di Matteo placed Meireles up front... WHERE HE BELONGS. He's an ...
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