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Necessary wrote in Somewhere on FootyTube
No way! Fergie is retiring not when he is still hungry and his health is fine. I guess he's got other plans..
7 years ago
Wish i could nominate a pass for goal of the week. that pass by messi on the first goal was wicked.
Didnt Berbi destroy liverpool with a hat-trick this season? And I am sorry, but I have seen ManU come back so many times from a 2 goal deficit its absurd. I am ...
I thought the first Nasri goal was ridiculous, but the second was even better. Go gunners!!
I cant believe we gave up two goals in the end. After such a great game. That was a stupid loss. Great determination by Belgium though.
8 years ago
Wow you can see sergio look up from the ground to see if motta is getting a card. that s**t is hilarious. i hate that simulating crap. Inter did deserve it if b...
Drogba is ridonkulous!!! That first touch on the first goal was one of the best touches i've ever seen. The man is unstoppable.
That was the worst simulation ive ever seen and that idiot ref ate it up like hot cakes. if you get payed kajillions of dollars per year how can you be such a m...
I think Berbatov was key in this game. Not enough people recognize his contribution to Man U. Every time he touches the ball it turns into an opportunity. Its t...
I agree that Wenger is great, but it seems like Mourinho has greater adaptability. I mean there are so many great managers, but it seems like Mourinho stands ou...
Great game by Inter. It really shows that Mourinho is the best manager currently. I feel bad for Chelsea letting him go.
This is great!!! Getting rid of the special one is the biggest mistake that chelsea ever made. Great game by Inter.
I wonder what the budget differences between both teams are. Its like comparing f uc king elephants to mice. Obviously Barca is going to win and if they didn't ...
And then i saw Nasri's goal and it was better!!!
That second goal was ridiculous. Arshavin got passed like 4 defenders. Go ARSENAL!!!
Good game by both teams. It seems like Barca gave away too much. As for Ibra, the man is a beast. Way better than Eto in my opinion. I can't think of another st...
Bendtner = massive tool!! at this point he is worst then peter crouch in terms of tool status.
Gooo rooney gooo!!!! that was a great game. I think owen needs to quit playing football, honestly. that man is a complete tool.
That was so disappointing from ManU. Barca outplayed them in every way. For the sake of entertainment I wish Man U would have played a better game.
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