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5 years ago
I agree with the offside but are u that stupid to not see the red card?
I think if they qualify and play like this, they are gonna win it! Ethiopia for Life!!
The same reason Walcott got yellow.
6 words is funny!
This guys kicked ass with Man utd and City! you have to feel for them man! One or two wins after this and I bet they will bit the crap outta Chelsea!
I wish crappy fans like "Lordjaggi" don't exist! I agree with Diaby paying good today! I think they just need 1 or 2 goals to open their's just that i...
What's up with this "Dabowlski" s**t up here?
What would happen if Czech drew? all three of them will have 4 points and one lost for the other!
They f**ked Barcelona UP, that's why he is mad!!...LOL
6 years ago
He said Spurs!!...LOL
I think it is u who is dumb!!
Are f**king kidding me!? Aresnal beat them at Emirates last year!
A "spurms" fan should know about disposable condoms!...loool Class is always permanent!
He probably didn't see the game and saw the miss up here! thats f**ked up "Tontowy"!!!
Nooooooooooo man! I think OX is much composed than Sturridge! OX is going to be superb next season if he gets to play enough this season!
Della, u r the most stupid Della ever!...LOL
I don't think u guys will have "best" in your name for a very long time! may be SOMEDAY!
U have seen it all your football life!! So Obvious things are better left unspoken!
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