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Lol. No one like to celebrate with Higuain.
6 years ago
Ronaldo doesn't show up in big games lol. He only needs to kick the ball another 80 times to score another screamer like he did against Osasuna. :p
Does anyone even come here to watch highlights? :)
Wanted Dani Alves to do the "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" celebration :P.
^Angry Madrid fan :P.
It's okay Grimy, don't be so grim there is always next year champ!!!. Hang in there buddy :)
Ozil with his Avatar eye's what a vision :).
Not like anyone takes the voting serious, there are always haters and wont see eye to eye with you, and its always the same thing "how come they voted rubbish ...
We don't like the coach, that's pretty much it lol.
HAHAHAHA oh man the reaction on Ronaldo's face after the first goal. No wonder people like to troll on him :P.
Blame your coach should of done better the first leg, and played like today. So now madrid fans have to suffer :(.
Hahahaha I love Mourinho!!! His garbage tactics in the first leg cost him the copa del rey. Hopefully Real Madrid plays like this from now on, none of that defe...
If Madrid played better the first leg, would of been a different story, but serves them right. Thank you Mourinho :).
Http:// Finished BA, MA, PhD, got married, witnessed birth of daughter, scored a Van Basten #sincearsenallastwonatrophy. ...
I thought Pepe took anger management after this incident When a dog has rabies the correct, and safe...
"Also we need Neymar and a replacement for Puyol asap. I love Puyol and all but ya it's time for him to start slowing down and get less more playing time " that...
Nice lol.
That's why Arsenal tired to sign Abidal. At age 32 that guy is a beast, not even a tumor in his liver can hold him down.
Pedro's been injured this whole season, that's why he ain't getting much playing time, as soon as he recovers he get's injured the next game. Really suck's caus...
Rooney's hair plugs looking pretty good I must say :D.
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