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Nantes Vs. PSG
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Head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes
6 years ago
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
If only there was a like button, nice one
Outstanding video, hope to see more like this
Great game might be stretching it, but he succeeded far more than he screwed up which is a change
Chelsea better? Bet those words taste bitter now
7 years ago
Well thats worked out well for you
Lfc r the best
Chelsea is awesome.
Chelsea sucks
Chelsea I'm afraid blatantly aren't and Real, well i think if any other team spent £150 mil then they would all be better than them
True but real madrid is better
Potentially great video... Just a shame its so jumpy
You've lost your past 4 games... idiot
Yeah but the thing is, they have to buy wonderful football
8 years ago
Manchester is a good team but chelsea is better
Hey!!! u look like giggs!!!!
Nice team selection!!!!!!!!
Hey is it only staff that can create a blog cos I'd quite like to make an extension blog to your playmaker one wb
I think a top 5 is too small to do justice to the role of playmaker, i can think of several who haven't made this list who are all great playmakers in their own...
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