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A perfect shot from jermaine jones and a perfect cross from ronaldo... gotta love watching the game played at its best, even if it breaks my heart to drop 2 poi...
4 years ago
1000!!!! f**k yeah
Couldn't agree more, everytime i come to this page it really bothers me too, i guess i could just make 13 more accounts...
Psh he has to prove himself to us, not the other way around...
Really excited about all the new signings... seamus has competition for best accent now though
5 years ago
I've been reading what Kenwright's been saying about selecting Martinez... If I didn't know better I'd think it was some sort of love affair lol how they both "...
Not really sure what barkeley is doing in midfield at the moment, he looks lost...
Great win against QPR, but that has to be considered a routine win for a team with european goals in mind, the real test is in the emirates on tuesday... we nee...
I hear you there
Not to say bainesy isn't already a walking legend.
Roy Hodgson needs to get his head out of his ass and start using players who give results not just walking legends
Well i'd say there's almost as much in it for you as for us and way more people are active on the Man U forum. Beautiful game though.
Great plan walk into the camp nou and play the same game that any regular team from la liga would play to get smacked by barca. Shocking
So... wtf happened on saturday? i literally couldn't believe what i was watching.
Coleman made the premier league team of the week, which is big for a guy like him. I really like the way he plays, he definitely has a bright future ahead of h...
If piennar can play like he did against reading every game, we will pull comfortably into the top 4 over a struggling arsenal. He was unstoppable, a part of ev...
I didn't get to watch that Norwich game but man was i furious when i saw the outcome... Absolutely terrible.
I'm watching the Benfica game right now and i have to say i'm a huge fan of Leverkusen's playing style - i've never really gotten around to watching much Bundes...
Refs are cracking down on the studs out rule, a little like head-to-head in the nfl... similarly it's very difficult to draw the line, i think the linesman poin...
If Moyes had a reachable bargain for someone worth acquiring, he would've gone for it, we all know that. He just has to depend on the splotchy form of jela and ...
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