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Loyal Chelsea supporter since I started watching the game, 18 year old professional who plays for Al-Hilal's reserves. My main inspiration to become a professional was watching Didier Drogba play I'm a 6'2 center forward, but I could play on either wing as well.
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Mariappa pushes Hazard into McArthur, strong collision between hips. Penalty. Check out how Hazard's ass jiggles after the collision.
3 days ago
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The Hazard/Sanchez comparison, and how so many people see that Sanchez should have won the POTY really makes no sense to me. With all due respect to Sanchez who...
1 week ago
Thanks a lot! looks a lot more readable now :)
3 months ago
Hey guys sorry for the long post, but this is just my take on Eden Hazard, and him being labelled "overrated" by many fans these days. People will continue to b...
I understand the negativity from many of our fans after conceding a goal that late, but what I don't understand is why most of the fans are looking at this resu...
6 months ago
Lol no worries @Lfc140812. It's all good.
1 year ago
I know, but it doesn't change the fact that we lost, same as you lost in the weekend. All the post game moaning, and needless criticism doesn't change the resul...
I think I was culprit of that, even though there was no malice involved. But anyway, I apologize if i was in the wrong, and I hope I didn't stir anything up.
Respect to you sir, and I apologize if my previous post offended anyone.
I mean no disrespect, but I encourage that you visit the Chelsea page. You never know, maybe you could learn a thing or two about how football fans should take ...
I do know that it's better to mask disappointment with humor, but I honestly don't understand how watching your favorite club lose the title can make you laugh ...
Imagine if Zlatan got injured and missed both games against us. That would be so "F"ing awesome.
O'brien got injured in the beginning of stoppage time, which took about 2 minutes. That's why he added on a bit of time.
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