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5 years ago
The 3rd goal was just like: throw in, watch the ball hop, FAALCAOOO-KICK!, goal. Captain Falcao scores again
Statutory rape doesn't mean he raped someone, it means that the partner was under age of consent. And i didn't say that he did rape anyone i simply stated that ...
I take it back it was all luck, so was the 2-1, torres fouled koskelny or however you spell his name. Merteasaker or however you spell his name should have been...
Go back to building mega yachts you filthy rich
Abbiati is like a taller, Italian Barthez
By the way he is playing at the moment you would never be able to tell the Benzema has a pending court case for statutory rape. Now that is professionalism (Kob...
Because they are the king's team
Someone ate his wheaties before the game. City sucks!
Because MC fans are rich english ponses or watch football since 2010 only. You can compare MC fans to people that live in the London area of Chelsea (cup of tea...
Yup Jeroen is right, just look up Dortmund's goals from their three last matches and from arsenal man to arsenal man, this comment shouldn't come from an arsena...
I hate Chelsea as much as the next person who wants football not to turn into a dick measuring contest for the super rich, BUT Matt93 is totally right and in 09...
You're both idiots and fans of money teams. don't let the green vision distort your perception of reality. City got lucky. they suck
Doesn't work if you don't have a mad Argentinian fireball running round on the pitch ;)
6 years ago
Ramos should have been playing where Arbiol was playing
Did people even really watch the game. Italy's tactic worked only because Spain's tactic allowed it to work. Spanish attack was just begging for someone to play...
Lorrente would have scored the goals but would he have had the insight to create those opportunities. Torres took one look at what needed to change and changed ...
Yea but the difference is Soldado has been playing like Torres was when Torres won the tournament for Spain. Can't say as much for Torres's current form
Why must abidal and sagna be unfit
Now someone please tell my why Gomez couldn't just do that against Chelsea. That is all you do Gmoez, get the ball in the right place and make it count. Why cou...
What about Switzerland and Serbia?
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